2 Fashion Dresses for the Autumn

November 16, 2015Fashion


The top fashion runway shows in New York, LA, London, Milan, and Paris presented an array of exciting fall clothing for autumn 2015. Designers in all five cities created fall fashion choices that complemented each other. Fabrics were boldly patterned and colorful, with plenty of velvet and shine. Embellishment and embroidery were all in the details. A touch of gold was added for the evening.

2015 fashion runway looks are elegant, shiny, and colorful. You may love all the hot autumn looks but your pocketbook can’t take the expense of buying them all. You’ll want to choose one or two new looks that you can add to your fall wardrobe. New dresses are a versatile garment in your wardrobe. They can be dressed up or down, to make them suitable to wear to work, to a party, or just for hanging out with friends.

Autumn Fashion

Here are 2 new fashion dresses for the autumn that are simply a must for your wardrobe.

1. The Slip Dress. The slip dress has thin straps, a fitted bodice, and a long skirt reaching past the knees. Slip may be a misnomer though, as this dress will have a long zipper up the back. Not only is this dress easy to put on, but you can wear jackets, shawls, or bolero jackets with it, to change the look. Don’t expect to have no movement in the legs though—the slip dress has a full flowing skirt to offer easy movement. Look for sharp contrasting panels of color, and layers of skirts. You’ll want to add additional slip skirts underneath. Dress lengths fall mid-shin and add a touch of femininity to your day.

2. Eastern Influence Dress. Asian inspiration continues to influence fall dress looks. This season’s Eastern influence look comes from China, with cheongsan-style gowns. Expect bold bright colors, or sombre dark ones. Patterns are Eastern-influenced, with braid, embroidery, ribbon, and dragons, to dress up these long flowing gowns. Sleeves are long or short, but gowns drape down to the floor. Fabrics may be light and airy, or of heavier silks and satins. This style of dress isn’t meant to have a lot of jewelry worn with it, being the embellishments are the accessory, but you can still the basics.

The slip dress and eastern influence dress are both versatile, so that you can shop around for belts, jewelry, and scarves to make the look your own. You can switch out your accessories for evening, to create an elegant evening look. Check out these top two trends for autumn, and you’re sure to find two great autumn dresses for your wardrobe. You can view more ideas at this link .


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