6 Affordable Décor Ideas For Your Home

November 25, 2015Living


Everyone wants their home to look like a million bucks. But what if you don’t have that kind of money? Creating a posh look for your interior décor seems almost unattainable as you screen the blog and décor magazines for ideas. You always succumb to the idea of losing a lot of money, when it comes to interior decoration.

What if I told you that you can add the element of luxury to your interior décor, without having to spend a large sum of money? Yes, you do not always have to go penniless over decorating your home. If you follow our list of 6 affordable décor ideas, you will see how you can smartly and economically manage a posh look for your indoors. Consider it as your guide to live like an A-lister.

Home Decor Ideas

1. Mirrors: Mirrors give an antique-ish, yet posh look to your indoors. These provide for a perfect setting for your living room. Mirrors reflect the light in the room, giving your space a livelier look. Moreover, it creates an illusion of greater space. You can shop for antique design mirrors or modern designs at a local store. If you know how to shop you can get a good-looking mirror for as low as $8 dollars. The idea is to get it at low price and make an eye-catching piece out of it, so feel free to experiment with spray paints and other decorative stuff.

2. Feathers: Feather-made interior decorations accent your living space. You can find accessories like feather lamps, cushions and other items for a very affordable price. Use your imagination while placing it, to get a posh feel.

3. Flowers: A living area with flower vases, or even a bedroom, feels soothing and luxurious. Keep vases at your place, which are usually very cheap. Pick up your favorite flowers at a local florist’s shop or you can order online from sites like 1800 Flowers, FTD and many more.

4. Chandelier: If you can afford a statement accessory for a little over fifty bucks, go with a chandelier. Hunt for a unique, eye-catching and economical chandelier. Chandeliers are extremely elegant and gives your room a more ornate look.

5. Curtains: Invest in extra-long curtains. This curtain style has a dramatic and exquisite feel about it. You can fix the curtain rod higher than the window to nail this attractive look. You can shop around for long-length curtains at local stores. You can find a good pair for as low as $10.

6. Wall-Art: Each room needs a focal point to attract the on-looker. Wall-Art does wonders for your room, and makes for a great focal point. Go for larger paintings or if you have the gift of art, you can paint a canvas yourself. If you manage to make the lighting right on point, the wall-art will give your space a great lavish look. Plus if you do it yourself, you will have a great thing going on for practically no money at all.

So these were some simple tips to add class to your interior, economically. Do it yourself, and share your experience with us in the comments section below.


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