Ample Meal Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2018

October 19, 2018Health And Beauty


Ample Meal Replacement Shakes Black Friday Deals & Coupons – Cyber Monday Coupon & Discounts 2018

We will have the best deals available for ONNIT during Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2018.  While they haven’t quite announced the great deals yet we will bring you them as soon as they are available.


Ample Meal Replacement Shakes – What Are They All About?

Leading a hectic life has become a common sight. People from different walks of life are always racing against time to achieve that invisible throne that always seem a few steps away. In the process of such struggles, nutrition takes a backseat. It is true that if you are always on the move, you will fail to have proper and healthy meals. As a result of this, your health suffers. The best way to compensate for this loss is to have a meal replacement supplement that is good and also nutritious for your overall health. This is where Ample Meal steps in.

Ample Meal

Ample Meal has several products for its customers. These include Ample original formula, Ample V vegan formula, and Ample K ketogenic formula. The best part about Ample Meal is that you can have it to compensate for the loss of proper nutrition on days that are very hectic for you, while commuting, after a strenuous workout session, and even while out on an adventure.

Important Nutrients

If you are planning to have Ample Meal, all you need to do is add some water to it and enjoy a nutritious meal replacement supplement. It has various types of essential nutrients that are important for your overall health. Some of these are listed below.

  • Premium Fats: These include omega-3 extract from chia seed, monosaturated fats from macadamia nut, and MCTs and saturated fats from coconut.
  • Carbohydrates: This include 2gm to 6gm of sugar in every serving, natural carbs from organically grown tapioca and sweet potatoes, and there are no artificial sweeteners.
  • Fiber: Every serving of this product will provide you with 10gm to 15gm of fiber along with 3 or 4 types of plant fiber. Alpha Meal has a blend of both insoluble and soluble fiber for your digestive health.
  • Protein: Alpha Meal contains complete protein blend, which has 9 essential amino acids. It has a high percentage of BCAA content along with highly bioavailable blends.
  • Probiotics: Every meal contains 40 billion CFU of probiotics and the blend uses 6 of the best-researched strains.
  • Prebiotics: Alpha Meal contains soluble tapioca dextrin that supports your gut microbiome health. It works in synergy with the probiotic blend that is available in this product.

Ample Meal Products

Here are some of the Ample Meal products you can choose for yourself.

  1. Ample Original Formula: This product is available in a bottle and happens to be a creamy and frothy health supplement that comes with mild sweetness. It is available in hints of cinnamon and vanilla.
  2. Ample Meal Vegan Formula: This meal replacement supplement is especially designed for vegetarians and comes with a nutty flavor that tastes like brown sugar oatmeal and maple, along with a hint of cinnamon.
  3. Ample Ketogenic Formula: As the name suggests, this product is especially designed for those of you who are on a ketogenic diet. It comes in a mild sweet flavor thanks to the presence of cinnamon and vanilla in this meal replacement drink.

Ample Meal Black Friday Deals

Check back often to see what is new and what is offering up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2018.

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