Cannabis CBD Oil Coupon Code Discount Promo Coupons Codes

November 1, 2018Cannabis


Best Cannabis CBD Oil Coupon Codes 2019

If you are looking for an all-in-one resource for the best coupon codes in the cannabis and CBD oil industry, you have come to the right place.  We have gathered all the best coupons for you to have at your fingertips and we keep them up-to-date to make sure you are getting the best deals possible for your cannabis CBD oil. Here are the top discount codes:

Ask These Questions before You Buy CBD Oil Online

Cannabidiol or CBD is basically one of the multiple compounds that are found in the cannabis sativa, as well as, the industrial hemp plant. There have been several studies on CBD and it has been proven that it has several health benefits such as relief from inflammation and anxiety. CBD has also been recently approved by the FDA to be used in Epidiolex, which is an epilepsy drug. This also makes it the first cannabis compound that is recognized federally. In recent times, you will find CBD being used in facials, cocktails, creams, and juices. This helps users get the benefits of cannabis without being harmed by the harmful THC compound that makes you feel “high”.

Questions To Ask Before You Buy Any CBD Oil Online

CBD products are also sold in the unregulated market, which puts you in several risks. False claims, lack of oversight, and the potential of dangerous contaminants and pesticides can often harm your general health. Thus, it is very important for you to ask a few questions before you buy any CBD product online. Some of these questions have been discussed below.

  • Open about Any Third Party Test and Share the Results: If you are in doubt about the authenticity of any CBD product, you can definitely ask for several lab tests that may include third party and farm labs. They will list out the solvents, percentage of cannabinoids, and contaminants. In other words, if there is no transparency about any CBD product, it is definitely a suspect.
  • Origin of the CBD: It is very important for you to find out about the origin of the hemp point. There are basically two reasons for this. Firstly, if the CBD is not from the United States of America, it is definitely illegal, and secondly, if they are not sure about where the farms are, they may not know anything about it.
  • Is The CBD Organically Grown Or Locally: It is needless to say that CBD is an agricultural product. If you are concerned about whether your kale is organic or not, you should also be equally concerned about the CBD. The best way to tell if your CBD is organic or not is to check the lab results.
  • Full-Spectrum Or Not: The term full-spectrum basically refers to the use of the whole hemp plant as compared to using an isolate, which extracts the CBD from the actual plant. Most of the time when terms such as “all natural” and “pure” are used, it may mean that the isolates are not hemp but a synthesized compound made in the lab. In other words, opting for the whole plant is always a better choice.
  • Amount of CBD per Serving Listed on the Label: In some cases, you may find that hemp extract and hemp oil either contain very little or no CBD. It is very important for you to find out whether it is listed on the label about the quantity of CBD in each serving and the total quantity in the bottle.

Pet Products Coupon Code Discount Promo Coupons Codes

November 1, 2018Pets


Pet Product Coupon Codes 2019 – Dog & Cat Stuff

If you are looking for an all-in-one resource for the best coupon codes in the dog and cat industry, you have come to the right place.  We have gathered all the best coupons for you to have at your fingertips and we keep them up-to-date to make sure you are getting the best deals possible for your pet health and pet fun. Here are the top discount codes:

Buying Pet Products Online With Coupon Codes & Discounts

The world of online shopping has taken a big leap in recent times. If you take a look at some of the online shopping portals, you will find a wide array of products available for you to buy on the internet. It is true that online shopping is very convenient and also helps you save some money with the help of various types of discounts and offers. There are also several online shopping sites that sell different types of pet products. Whether you have a pet dog or a pet cat or any other animal or bird, you will find suitable pet products on a number of online shopping sites that are dedicated to pet products.

According to the National Retail Federation, every pet owner had spent on an average $30.43 on their pets during the holiday season of the year 2014. There has been a hike of around 14.2% to the sales during the same period the previous year. Experts believe that the holiday season provides a lot of momentum to the sales of pet products. Pets have become an integral part of any family and people usually believe that it is important to buy gifts for their pets during the holiday season, as well.

Year-Round Sale

Buying pet products is not just limited to the holiday season. It happens to be a year-round affair and totals to around $60.59 billion every year simply on pet products. The pet product industry of the US serves to approximately 79.7 million pet owners. Out of the entire sales figures of pet products, $3.7 billion was online sales figures in the year 2014. This was almost 6% of the entire sales figures and a rise of around 76% since the sale figures of 2010. Experts believe that the rise in the online sales figures of pet products is highly beneficial for both retailers and customers alike. It is true that with the help online availability of pet products, customers have a better access to pet products and pet health products.

There are several baby boomers who have given better shelter and a better family to pets. They have picked pets from yards and porches and given them the same comfort that humans use. These baby boomers consider these pets nothing less than their own family. Thus, it is natural for them to get the best for their pets. Keeping this sentiment in mind, it is no surprise at all that around 95% of all pet owners in the US consider their pet dogs or cats as their own family members. Starting from pet foods to pet health products, these pet owners want nothing but the best for their beloved four legged animals.

Highly Convenient

Experts believe that the rise in the number of online sales figures is also due to the high levels of convenience. Customers need not worry about the delivery part as the pet products bought online are directly delivered to consumers. Thus, you do not have to carry heavy bags of pet foods all the way home from the store.


Health & Fitness Supplements Coupon Code Discount Promo Coupons Codes

October 30, 2018Health And Beauty


Best Health & Fitness Supplement Coupon Codes 2019

If you are looking for an all-in-one resource for the best coupon codes in the health and fitness industry, you have come to the right place.  We have gathered all the best coupons for you to have at your fingertips and we keep them up-to-date to make sure you are getting the best deals possible for your health and fitness supplements. Here are the top discount codes:

Health and Fitness Supplement Buying Guide

If you are planning to start on a fitness and health supplement, for the improvement of your overall health, you will be overwhelmed by the options once you step inside a store. There are several brands of such supplements that promise you fast solutions, as well as, longevity. Which one to choose and which one will be the best for you is definitely a tough decision to take. It is true that every person is different from each other. Similarly the physical needs also vary between different people. The basic requirement for your body to achieve its optimal daily health can be a lot different from another person.

Health Supplement Buying Guide

Here are some crucial factors to consider when it comes to choosing a suitable health and fitness supplement for yourself. This is more important for those of you who are planning to have such a supplement for the very first time in your life.

  • High Quality Synthetic Ingredient or Simply Natural: Whatever health supplement to decide to have, it is very important that you choose one which has natural ingredients in it as opposed to artificial synthetic ingredients. It will also be a good idea to choose a brand that is highly reputable in the market. Such brands seldom compromise on their quality in order to make some extra profits.
  • Science-Backed Evidence to Support Claims: In your quest to find the best possible health supplement for yourself, you will come across several brands that make outrageous claims about their supplements. Some even go one step further claiming of a miracle without any research to prove their claims. In such cases you will have to do some exploration on your own. It is always a good idea to find some scientific evidence to prove such claims before you decide to use such a product.
  • Type of Treatment: Even before you decide to start on a new health supplement, it is very important for you to understand the type of health condition you wish to treat. Once you decide upon the type of treatment, it will make it very simple for you to choose a suitable supplement. It is needless to say that you should have specific types of supplements in order to get the desired results. However, if your aim is simply to maintain a proper general health, then a natural supplement will be a good option for you.
  • Vegan or Vegetarian: Just in case you are vegan or vegetarian, it will be a good thing for you to check the supplement and see whether it is also the same. There are several supplements that are animal based. Better mention this fact to your medical practitioner so that he can prescribe you the right supplement. It will be suitable for you to check the ingredients and packaging before you decide to buy any new health supplement for yourself.

Although health supplements are meant to improve your health in general, it makes no harm to be on the safe side and take some time while shopping for the most suitable one for your health.


Ample Meal Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2018

October 19, 2018Health And Beauty


Ample Meal Replacement Shakes Black Friday Deals & Coupons – Cyber Monday Coupon & Discounts 2018

We will have the best deals available for ONNIT during Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2018.  While they haven’t quite announced the great deals yet we will bring you them as soon as they are available.


Ample Meal Replacement Shakes – What Are They All About?

Leading a hectic life has become a common sight. People from different walks of life are always racing against time to achieve that invisible throne that always seem a few steps away. In the process of such struggles, nutrition takes a backseat. It is true that if you are always on the move, you will fail to have proper and healthy meals. As a result of this, your health suffers. The best way to compensate for this loss is to have a meal replacement supplement that is good and also nutritious for your overall health. This is where Ample Meal steps in.

Ample Meal

Ample Meal has several products for its customers. These include Ample original formula, Ample V vegan formula, and Ample K ketogenic formula. The best part about Ample Meal is that you can have it to compensate for the loss of proper nutrition on days that are very hectic for you, while commuting, after a strenuous workout session, and even while out on an adventure.

Important Nutrients

If you are planning to have Ample Meal, all you need to do is add some water to it and enjoy a nutritious meal replacement supplement. It has various types of essential nutrients that are important for your overall health. Some of these are listed below.

  • Premium Fats: These include omega-3 extract from chia seed, monosaturated fats from macadamia nut, and MCTs and saturated fats from coconut.
  • Carbohydrates: This include 2gm to 6gm of sugar in every serving, natural carbs from organically grown tapioca and sweet potatoes, and there are no artificial sweeteners.
  • Fiber: Every serving of this product will provide you with 10gm to 15gm of fiber along with 3 or 4 types of plant fiber. Alpha Meal has a blend of both insoluble and soluble fiber for your digestive health.
  • Protein: Alpha Meal contains complete protein blend, which has 9 essential amino acids. It has a high percentage of BCAA content along with highly bioavailable blends.
  • Probiotics: Every meal contains 40 billion CFU of probiotics and the blend uses 6 of the best-researched strains.
  • Prebiotics: Alpha Meal contains soluble tapioca dextrin that supports your gut microbiome health. It works in synergy with the probiotic blend that is available in this product.

Ample Meal Products

Here are some of the Ample Meal products you can choose for yourself.

  1. Ample Original Formula: This product is available in a bottle and happens to be a creamy and frothy health supplement that comes with mild sweetness. It is available in hints of cinnamon and vanilla.
  2. Ample Meal Vegan Formula: This meal replacement supplement is especially designed for vegetarians and comes with a nutty flavor that tastes like brown sugar oatmeal and maple, along with a hint of cinnamon.
  3. Ample Ketogenic Formula: As the name suggests, this product is especially designed for those of you who are on a ketogenic diet. It comes in a mild sweet flavor thanks to the presence of cinnamon and vanilla in this meal replacement drink.

Ample Meal Black Friday Deals

Check back often to see what is new and what is offering up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2018.

Be sure to also check out the latest Coupon Codes here.


ONNIT Labs Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2018

October 19, 2018Health And Beauty


ONNIT Black Friday Deals & Coupons – Cyber Monday Coupon & Discounts 2018

Click the banners below for ONNIT Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2018.  These are the best deals of the year so be sure to take advantage of them before time runs out.


ONNIT – Find out more about the Brand

If you are a professional bodybuilder or a sportsperson or even a fitness enthusiast, you will definitely know about the different health drinks and supplements that are available on the market. Similarly, there are several brands that make such supplements. Although all of them claim to be the best, it is not true. Amongst the well-known manufacturers of health supplements, one common name is ONNIT. The company has been in the market for several years and has successfully produced several useful and beneficial health drinks and supplements for health enthusiasts from all over the world.

The Start and the Future

ONNIT was started in the year 2010 with the sole purpose of making cutting-edge nutritional supplement combos. It was in the month of July 2011 when ONNIT released Alpha BRAIN, which gained immense popularity and soon became it flagship cognitive supplement. Since then there was no looking back for the company. Following the concept of Total Human Optimization, ONNIT soon added various functional strength fitness equipment and unique nutrient-rich foods.


The sole mission of ONNIT is to inspire peak performance in people with the combined help of actionable information and unique health products. The experts at ONNIT combine earth-grown nutrients, time-tested strategies from some of the top medical professionals and athletes, as well as, latest science. ONNIT products are not just limited to health supplement. They also have a wide range of fitness equipment, health foods, and supplements.

Some of the Products of ONNIT

As discussed above, there are several products made by ONNIT. Some of the top quality products are discussed below for your knowledge.

  • Alpha Brain: ONNIT came up with this awesome product for those of you who suffer from various brain related problems such as memory loss, unable to focus, and processing data or information. Having this product over a length of time will certainly help you to boost your memory, focus to various complex tasks, and also boost your natural mental speed in response to different stimuli.
  • Whey Protein: If you are a professional bodybuilder or even a sportsperson, this whey protein will be of great help to you. Each serving contains 20gm of whey isolate that help in faster recovery of injured muscles and boost your overall muscle growth. It is available in two different flavors, vanilla and Mexican chocolate.
  • Kettlebells: Amongst some of the fitness equipment made by ONNIT, kettlebells are a popular product. It has various types of kettlebells in different weight groups. These workout products are inspired by different elite athletes and designed to meet all their training needs. These equipment are also made with good quality products that last for a long time.
  • Apparels: ONNIT also has various types of apparels made for both men and women. It has tops for women, t-shirts for men, shorts, bags, and optimized patch system for all its customers.

The above discussed products are just a small fraction of the entire range of health supplements and performance wear for both men and women made by ONNIT.

ONNIT Black Friday Deals

Check back often to see what is new and what is offering up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2018.

Be sure to also check out the latest Coupon Codes here.


Laptop Buying Guide For A Beginner

April 8, 2016Electronics


Our society has become one that is constantly connected to technology, with most people carrying around some device with them that can connect to the Internet. For those that need a strong amount of processing power wherever they go, such as students, laptops are the best choice in a mobile device. How do you select the best laptop for you? It all depends on your specific needs; like what you plan on using the laptop for as well as the type of programs that you plan to be running on it. For example, a gamer will need more power in a laptop than someone who will use the laptop primarily for writing.  Websites like offers full in depth reviews for laptops and smartphones, You can also take help from these types of sites. Here are some things that you will need to consider when you are buying a laptop.

Laptop Buyer Guide

Size: The size of the laptop is something to consider when you are deciding on what laptop model to buy. If you are someone who walks or uses public transportation, you will probably want a small, lightweight model. For those that plan on using their laptop primarily for surfing the Internet and writing, you may want to get a very lightweight and portable netbook.

Screen quality: You will want to make sure that you will get a laptop with top of the line screen quality, especially if you use it for watching videos or gaming. You may want to make sure that you will stay away from the touchscreen models, because those screens tend to have a glossy finish which will create a glare, which can negatively impact your viewing and gaming experience.

RAM: RAM controls all the amount of applications that you can have running at one time. The RAM also impacts the speed of your computer and how fast that they run. This is a large contributing factor for people who enjoy online gaming.

Storage: For those that use many different applications and save a large amount of data, storage is an important factor to consider. If you want to have a light laptop but one with for the best storage capability you may want to choose a laptop with solid state drive rather than a hard drive.

CPU: A CPU, otherwise known as a core processor unit, is vital to your laptop performance. The most common core processor is made by Intel and comes in models Core i3 to Core i7. A Core i5 processor is what most computers are equipped with while you may want to get a Core i7 if you are planning on using your computer for complicated processes.

There are many different factors that you will want to consider when you are searching for a laptop. We have highlighted the five most important factors to consider in order to make your buying experience a little easier. If you are looking for a laptop you can find some great deals on used laptops at NewEgg or purchase a new one at Best Buy. Consider what is most important to you when you are buying your laptop as well as the different processes that you will be using the laptop for before making your buying decision.


Perfect Guide to Buy Women’s Handbags

March 15, 2016Shopping Tips


Purchasing the perfect women’s handbag is no easy task. Between the myriad of styles, colors, materials and designers, selecting just one can be impossible. Is it any wonder many women have several – or many- purses in their collections?

Smart shoppers know to look for sales and discounts at every turn, and handbags, purses, clutches, and carry-alls are no different. offers handbag shoppers discount codes, coupons and sales every day at dozens of stores that carry a variety of purses and other accessories. Deals range from big price cuts to special designer sales and free shipping.

Handbags Guide

Many online stores, such as, provide a one-stop destination for bargain hunters seeking more than just purses and handbags. Their collection of women’s accessories features designer names and all-authentic merchandise at up to 90% savings compared to retail prices. Add coupons and discounts found on, and the smart shopper can find bargains nearly beyond belief.

Every trending, stylish ladies’ handbag, purse or clutch is probably available on the Smartbargains site. Even the hottest luxury fashion trends from name brands like Cartier and Gucci may be had for pennies on the dollar.

Another popular shop for handbags and more is Beyond the Rack, a private shopping club offering designer brand name clothing and accessories at large discounts. Membership is free, but it may be limited to invitation-only status to ensure adequate stocks of merchandise are available.

Beyond the Rack has flash sales lasting only 48 hours, with occasional Friday to Monday sale events. At the end of each sale, that merchandise is once again unavailable to consumers. When an upcoming sale interests the member, they can find coupons for additional money off the final price at CouponCodeDay.

eBags has been in business longer than most other e-commerce retailers, first operating in 1999. They not only offer handbags and purses but all other manner of travel necessities such as roller suitcases, travel cases, and comfortable traveling clothing. To date, eBags claims to have sold over 22 million bags online, and they have an online catalog of over 55,000 bags for sale.

According to eBags, their goal is to make sure every bag has a place for everything you need on your travels. Many items come with RFID protectors, to guard against identity theft while on the go. With coupons and discounts from our site, this quickly becomes one of the best travel bargains on the internet. Many eBags products are among the highest rated in the industry and hold lifetime guarantees. eBags stocks over 550 brands from top designers and the right handbag style necessary for every occasion.


Wedding Shopping Tips For Everyone

March 4, 2016Shopping Tips


Weddings are expensive, but frugal couples can save money by purchasing many wedding supplies, from invitations to flowers, clothing and more online. Save even more by finding the best coupon and discount codes at our site and combining these with the already-huge savings at some of the best internet retailers.

Wedding Paper Divas offers one of the largest selections of wedding paper goods at amazing prices. Choose from save the date cards, invitations and envelope enclosures, custom stamps and embossers, address labels, reception table décor, thank you cards, personalized stationery and more at this wedding paper supplier. They have styles ranging from vintage to modern and more to cover every wedding style imaginable.

Red Invitations

Wedding Paper Divas also has in-house wedding experts to answer etiquette questions and offer personalized design advice. Nearly every design they sell can be customized, from paper type to typeface to color and more. Even bridal shower and bachelor party paper goods are available on the site, all with extra discounts and shipping freebies at  Their products can be shipped throughout the US and around the world, too.

A Chicago-area tradition since 1929, House of Brides moved online in 2001 to share their bridal expertise and wedding dress shopping experiences with more people. Since then, they have offered beautiful designer dresses for brides, flower girls, bridesmaids and members of wedding parties for 40 to 80 percent less than retail prices. They also offer bridal veils, headpieces, accessories and more. Their coupons and discount codes available on make the savings out of this world.

House of Brides features online “Dressing Rooms” which brides set up complete with music and videos. These are an excellent way to bring bridal parties together from around the world to experience wedding dress shopping. Over 50,000 items are available to shop, and the Dressing Room eliminates the stress of wedding shopping. Fully trained customer service teams stand ready to help seven days a week.

Wedding parties should order their dresses as far in advance as possible to ensure delivery on time. Special order bridal gowns can take up to 16 weeks for delivery direct from the designer. Some in-stock gowns may be available to ship in under seven days. Every item is new, unused and authentic merchandise direct from the designer. Find the best House of Brides discounts at before starting to shop for wedding dresses online.

No wedding is complete without flowers, and Bunches Direct is one of the leading suppliers of wholesale, event, bulk and wedding flowers in the United States. They offer fantastic bonus coupons and deals. They provide everything from wedding bouquets to corsages, boutonnieres, reception table centerpieces and flower girl petals.

If a shopper has a special request, the Bunches Direct consultants will work to create the ideal wedding flowers. The site also has an exclusive line of celebrity-inspired wedding flowers. Their flowers are already priced to meet every budget, and the discounts from our site make every dollar stretch farther. The Bunches Direct flowers come direct from the growers, ensuring every bloom is beautiful and fresh, hand-picked and packed to arrive in perfect condition.


Top 8 Travel Attractions in Bangkok, Thailand

December 2, 2015Travel


The world is a vast place with no limit to beautiful, exotic, or fascinating places to visit. Tourism and travel are huge industries world-wide, with many cities competing to have the biggest draw. One of the most visited cities in the whole world, and with good reason, is Bangkok in Thailand. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, and is a city famous for its culture, food, nightlife, and historical locations. Bangkok draws some of the biggest tourism crowds of any city on earth because it has so much to offer. In this fantastic city you can visit royal palaces, ancient temples, important historical sites, and take in a thumping, modern nightlife all in one day. This diversity and density should push Thailand to the of your “must-see” travel list.

But in a city so full of original sites and locations, how is traveler supposed to know what to choose. When we travel we are often on a tight timeline, so savoring every moment of our precious vacation is essential to having a great time. In cities like Bangkok, it is easy to become flummoxed by all the diversity and options for travelers. It can be help for the unsure traveler to spend time researching the city’s attractions before arriving at the airport, so that they may plan out a loose itinerary for their time. If you’re a traveler looking to craft your perfect Bangkok itinerary, look no further than the following eight locations. These locations are the best of what Bangkok has to offer, and they should be included in any traveler’s plans.

Bangkok Map

1.) Wat Pho – Temple of the Reclining Buddha – The predominant religion in Thailand is Buddhism, so it serves to reason that Buddhist temples are scattered throughout the entire country, including Bangkok. This famous Wat (which is the word for a Buddhist monastery or temple) complex is in the Phra Nakon district of Bangkok. This temple also goes by the colloquial name: “Temple of the Reclining Buddha”. This temple is considered one of the finest temples in all of Thailand and was built by and for Thai royalty. The temple is adorned with many images of the Buddha (including the enormous, famous namesake: reclining Buddha). In fact, this temple houses the most images of the Buddha in all of Thailand. Once, this temple was used as one of the first places for children to obtain a public education. Children now have other buildings in which to conduct their studies, but as a nod to the past there is still a school of Thai medicine housed here. One aspect of Thai medicine is the famous Thai massage, which is taught and practiced within the temple.

2.) The Grand Palace – This expansive and impressive complex needs to be a must see for anyone visiting Bangkok. This large complex was once the original home and working quarters of all the Kings of Siam and then eventually the Kings of Thailand. Here the kings, their families, their court, and the government’s officials would spend nearly all their time. Of course for such prestigious people the building needed to be opulent and beautiful. The building was first started way back in 1925, but it didn’t stop anytime soon. As need has arisen, more has been added so the style is quite varied throughout. The Grand Palace is not just one building, but a vast collection of separate buildings, gardens, pavilions, halls, and paths; much like its own internal city. The complex is walled off for protection, but parts are open to tourists to visit, even though some royal offices are still held there.

3.) BTS SkyTrain – Bangkok is a very large city which can be intimidating for a non-local to navigate through. If you’re looking to make the most of your time while on your stay in Bangkok, you might want to think hard about what form of transportation will give you the best bang for your buck (and time). The Bangkok Mass Transit System (or the BTS or Skytrain for short) is one of the best ways to see the city. This “rapid transit” system is elevated, which gives it the Skytrain name. There are 34 stations across the Skytrain’s two lines. The Skytrain as it is used today was officially opened in 1999. Now the Skytrain is used by both local and tourists alike, as it is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get around the city — all while taking in excellent overhead views.

4.) Jim Thompson House – This attraction is very unique and worth your time when you’re in Bangkok. The name Jim Thompson doesn’t sound very Thai, does it? Well that is because it is the name of an American businessman. Jim Thompson visited Thailand to build his silk business back in the 1950’s and 1960’s. While there, he fell in love with Thai and Buddhist art and culture. He so loved it that he decided to build his house out of several antique Thai structures that he had moved and joined together. Today those houses make up the Jim Thompson house museum. You can view his collection of art and see the historic architecture when you visit. There are guided tours around the complex to give you information on the buildings and the art, which is very educational. The grounds are garden-like and quite beautiful too.

5.) Wat Arun – This wat is yet another amazing and beautiful piece of architecture you need to add to your list. If you want to see a real spectacle, this Wat is best visited during sunrise or sunset. It is at that transitional time of the day that the Wat’s unique roof and architecture is displayed at its most splendid. Wat Arun goes by another name, which gives a hint as to why visiting at sunrise or sunset is important: Temple of Dawn. The roof of the Wat has been intricately decorated with colorful an iridescent Chinese pottery and seashells. These materials do a fantastic job of reflecting and scattering light. When the sun is low on the horizon, the effect is even more magical. Hence the appropriate nickname! This Wat is located on the west side of the Chao Phraya River in the Bangkok Yai district. Once, Wat Arun housed the emerald Buddha image, but that has since been moved.

6.) Golden Buddha Statue – The Golden Buddha statue should be on every visitors list not just because it is quite beautiful, but because it has a funny and fascinating history. This massive 5.5 ton golden statue is currently housed in a small offshoot of the Wat Traimit, but that was not always the case. The statue is quite old, possibly dating as far back as the 13th or 14th centuries (based on the style). The statue is thought to have been made in India and transported to Thailand. In 1767 the golden statue was covered with plaster and colored glass in an attempt to disguise its value from Burmese invaders. Since that time it has been moved around with no knowledge of what was under that plaster. At one point it was even kept outside under nothing but a tin roof. One day, in 1954, during transport, the statue was accidently dropped, which caused the plaster to chip away. After careful plater removal, the now revered statue is housed in its current, illustrious building.

7.) Wat Phra Kae – This wat is the wat to end all wats. If you love the ornate, the opulent, the golden, and at rich, you will adore Wat Phra Kae. Of all the beautiful wats throughout Thailand and Bangkok, Wat Phra Kae is absolutely the most sacred. In this wat is made up of several buildings across 234 acres. There are over 100 separate buildings on the wat’s grounds. But, the most important part of Wat Phra Kae is the venerated Emerald Buddha. This statue of Buddha stands 31 inches tall and is made from one solid piece of jade, which gives the Buddha its name. Originally hailing from India, this Buddha is said to bring prosperity and pre-eminence to any country which houses it, so it has become an essential part of Thai identity. The Emerald Buddha is said to be the protector of Thailand, and battles have been fought to keep it in the country.

8.) Lumphini Park – After a long day visiting opulent temples, it might be nice to spend some time in nature. One natural area in bustling, urban Bangkok is Lumphini Park. Lumphini park is quite large, covering a 360 acre area. It was created in 1920 and is located in the Lumphini sub-district. The intent for the park was to create a beautiful public space, which it has succeeded at. In the park you will find plentiful tress, playgrounds, jogging paths, and even a large artificial lake. The lake is a big draw to the park because it allows visitors to rent small boats. What is more relaxing than drifting on a gentle current? The park is also a center for social good. Within it you will find several buildings and organizations dedicated to helping the needy such as the Elder Citizens Club and the Home of Hope, which aims to assist homeless children. All in all, the park is a nice place to take a break from the city.


6 Affordable Décor Ideas For Your Home

November 25, 2015Living


Everyone wants their home to look like a million bucks. But what if you don’t have that kind of money? Creating a posh look for your interior décor seems almost unattainable as you screen the blog and décor magazines for ideas. You always succumb to the idea of losing a lot of money, when it comes to interior decoration.

What if I told you that you can add the element of luxury to your interior décor, without having to spend a large sum of money? Yes, you do not always have to go penniless over decorating your home. If you follow our list of 6 affordable décor ideas, you will see how you can smartly and economically manage a posh look for your indoors. Consider it as your guide to live like an A-lister.

Home Decor Ideas

1. Mirrors: Mirrors give an antique-ish, yet posh look to your indoors. These provide for a perfect setting for your living room. Mirrors reflect the light in the room, giving your space a livelier look. Moreover, it creates an illusion of greater space. You can shop for antique design mirrors or modern designs at a local store. If you know how to shop you can get a good-looking mirror for as low as $8 dollars. The idea is to get it at low price and make an eye-catching piece out of it, so feel free to experiment with spray paints and other decorative stuff.

2. Feathers: Feather-made interior decorations accent your living space. You can find accessories like feather lamps, cushions and other items for a very affordable price. Use your imagination while placing it, to get a posh feel.

3. Flowers: A living area with flower vases, or even a bedroom, feels soothing and luxurious. Keep vases at your place, which are usually very cheap. Pick up your favorite flowers at a local florist’s shop or you can order online from sites like 1800 Flowers, FTD and many more.

4. Chandelier: If you can afford a statement accessory for a little over fifty bucks, go with a chandelier. Hunt for a unique, eye-catching and economical chandelier. Chandeliers are extremely elegant and gives your room a more ornate look.

5. Curtains: Invest in extra-long curtains. This curtain style has a dramatic and exquisite feel about it. You can fix the curtain rod higher than the window to nail this attractive look. You can shop around for long-length curtains at local stores. You can find a good pair for as low as $10.

6. Wall-Art: Each room needs a focal point to attract the on-looker. Wall-Art does wonders for your room, and makes for a great focal point. Go for larger paintings or if you have the gift of art, you can paint a canvas yourself. If you manage to make the lighting right on point, the wall-art will give your space a great lavish look. Plus if you do it yourself, you will have a great thing going on for practically no money at all.

So these were some simple tips to add class to your interior, economically. Do it yourself, and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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