Make Up Tips For 2015

February 10, 2015Health And Beauty


Finding great make up that is on-trend and still reasonably priced is easy if you know where to look and what brands provide the best value. Many discount sites like Sample a Day regularly feature sample-sized make up items to email newsletter subscribers. These samples might take a few weeks to arrive in the mail, but they also usually include a coupon for several dollars off a full-size product.

Cosmetics retailer e.l.f. Eyes Lips Face is famous for being extremely budget priced yethigh quality. Their products have won awards and been mentioned by celebrities including Oprah as top favorites. Now available in some retail stores as well as online, e.l.f. features online deals and discounts nearly every day at Online Discount Sites. Discounts range from free shipping to percentages off certain quantities of purchase.Make Up Tips

Other big-name cosmetics lines including Sephora, Ultima and BH Cosmetics offer their own regular offerings of coupons and discounts online. Known for some of the highest-quality pigments and fashion colors in the make-up market, these brands offer special deals to tempt even the most budget-conscious shopper.

Stay on top of surveys of the best budget make up through articles online and in fashion magazines. Frequently, the favorites of experts are brands you would already find in your neighborhood drugstore, proving you do not need to spend big money to look beautiful.

Revlon Colorstay Lipstick, CoverGirl Lashblast Mascara and the L’Oréal Paris lines of cosmetics consistently appear in the best budget make up lists. Best of all, these brands also offer coupons, discount codes and deals on the online sites to help budget-conscious shoppers get even better deals at their local stores.

A quick survey of the predicted make up trends for 2015 indicates graphic eye liner, bright colors and metallic will be the looks to have. Make up is about having fun and establishing your own signature style. Be creative without being garish, and use the savings from coupons and discount codes to stock up on makeup palettes to experiment with new looks and styles.

Eyeliner will be more creative this year, which is great news for people who never got the hang of the wing style. Graphic eye liner might be a double wing, the Cleopatra look or even block shaped. Some people might want to cover their entire eyelid with eyeliner color for the cat-eye appearance. Eye shadows in 2015 will trend big towards bright pops of color or even metallic, whether through eye shadow or eye liner.

Lip colors in 2015 have two distinct trends forming. Expect to see either the Pantone color of the year Marsala, which is a wine red tint with an undertone of brown, or Greige lips. Greige is a cool toned nude lip color that mixes beige nudes with undertones of gray rather than the warm browns of last year. Both marsala and greige will work with many blushes and eye shadows to flatter different skin tones. Use different discounted makeup palettes to experiment until you find the ones that work for you.


Winter Vacation Places in the USA

January 30, 2015Travel


Travel-AroundSearching the internet for deals, discounts and coupons on sites like ensures that your money goes farther during winter vacations. Some people prefer to visit warm cities to get away from the gray and cold of winter, while others want to ski, snowboard and enjoy the beauty of winter. With these winter vacation places in the USA, there is somewhere for everyone.

Puerto Rico, for instance, boasts several all-inclusive results that are a real bargain for Northerners looking for some sun, sand and food. It is not too crowded and as a US territory, no passport is required for this Caribbean vacation.

Theme park cities like Orlando FL and Anaheim CA are good choices for family vacations during the winter. Lines at the parks are far shorter, as are waiting times at good restaurants. Airfare and hotel rooms may be cheaper, especially with online discounts.

Salt Lake City UT is a winter Mecca for hikers and skiers with it’s proximity to Park City and other famous winter resorts. The mountains offer winter adventure for snowbirds of every ability level.

Another great deal for winter vacation is traveling to Casper WY. Hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues in Casper are less expensive than those in other winter destinations are. Ski areas abound in the area, featuring miles of groomed cross-country trails and spectacular downhill runs. Lakes near the city provide ice-fishing opportunities and the city features several ice skating sites in town. Casper also offers historic, recreational and cultural opportunities for history buffs, music fans and foodies alike.

Minneapolis MN hosts the US Pond Hockey Championship each winter, and has five professional sports teams for winter vacationers. Crowds tend to be minimal even at the indoor activities like the Science Museum of Minnesota and the indoor water parks. A visit to the Mall of America is necessary for shoppers. St. Paul MN hosts the nation’s oldest and largest Winter Carnival every year, too. Cross country skiing trails, downhill snowboarding and a thriving arts scene round out this budget-friendly winter vacation spot.

Visit Spokane WA to enjoy snowmobile tours, snowshoe hikes and more excellent ski opportunities. The city enjoys active nightlife and a healthy theater, art and museum menu for visitors and locals alike. Snow tubing is offered at the Mt. Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park nearby. Skaters flock to Spokane’s Riverfront Ice Palace and ice fishers visit several lakes in the area.

For people seeking a different sort of winter vacation, Las Vegas NV will always be the Entertainment Capital of the World.  Travel deals on airfare and hotel rooms abound online, and even tickets to shows and restaurants may have coupons and discounts available. The city can be a great vacation destination for families, too, with a visit to , theme-park type resorts and family-friendly shows like Cirque du Soleil.

For a true sun-seeking winter vacation in the US, travel to San Diego CA. Expect sunshine and 70 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline to thaw out even the frostiest traveler. The world-famous San Diego Zoo provides fun for the whole family, too. This is the perfect city for a relaxing, warm winter get-away.


The Perfect Valentine’s Day Presents For Her

January 20, 2015Gifts


Heart-SignsValentine’s Day can be a particularly hard holiday for men to shop for the perfect gift for the woman in their life. If finding a Valentine’s Day gift for the woman in your life leaves you apprehensive or nervous, we can help you. Here is the perfect basic guide for what perfect, romantic gift that a man can get his wife, fiancée, or girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. Some of these gifts would also be a great choice for your mother, sister, or daughter for Valentine’s Day. We will even match you up with a trusted retailer. You can use this list for other events like birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

Flowers: Real fresh flowers can be a very romantic and personal gift that would be great for Valentine’s Day. Also because Valentine’s day falls toward the latter part of winter, a bouquet of beautiful, fresh flowers can remind her of your love, brighten her day, and remind her that spring is just around the corner. If you want to be especially romantic you could send her symbolic messages through your flowers. For example, a bouquet of red and white roses symbolizes both passion and true love. If you would like to order an excellent bouquet of beautiful flowers and save some money in the process, check out the great deals available through our partner FTD Flowers and Gifts.

Silk Flowers: Silk flowers have many of the benefits of real flowers such as beauty and appeal, without having the many downsides of actual flowers. For example, silk flowers will not have pollen, which is great news for those with severe allergies, in which natural flowers would just cause symptoms to flare up. Another benefit of silk flowers is that you can order any variety that you wish and not have to worry about price hikes because that flower is not in season. This also gives you many more options than what would have available to you at your typical florist’s shop. Silk flowers can also last for decades, allowing you to use this special silk bouquet as a decoration on your table, a bouquet at your wedding or vow renewal, or just as a memento of the romantic highlights of your relationship. If you are thinking about getting some silk flowers for Valentine’s Day and would like to receive some exclusive discounts through Nearly Natural, click here .

Personalized gifts: Personalized gifts show that you put forth some extra time and effort into thinking about what you wanted to get for that special woman in your life. From throw pillows, jewelry, picture frames, wine glasses and more, a unique personalized gift is sure to show her how much that you care. By paying attention to the things that the woman in your life loves you can pick out the perfect, personalized gift for her this Valentine’s Day. Having a gift personalized just for her will add a caring and romantic touch that she will remember and treasure for many years to come. If you would like to get your loved one a personalized gift for Valentine’s Day, you can find some great discounts at Things Remembered.

While finding the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day can be intimidating, especially for men, this guide will steer you in the right direction. Pick the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her and save money when you use the special offers from these select retailers. Don’t make a Valentine’s Day faux pas. Give gift that she will remember this Valentine’s Day, with a little help from us.


Eight Great Thrift Store Items for Every Day Living

January 14, 2015Holidays


Recently we shared some of the best holiday items you should buy at a thrift store. Even with the calendar between holidays, shopping for everyday items at thrift stores remains in style. There are birthdays, anniversaries and craft projects to do, and thrift store finds are the perfect solutions to many situations.

1) Furnishing a dorm room or first apartment
Thrift stores are ideal for finding inexpensive but usable items for a first apartment, a starting-over apartment or a college dorm room. If you are someone who likes to experiment with decorating, it is easier to take risks when you are not spending tons of money. Some things like odd small appliances might only be used once or twice before you, too, donate it back to a thrift store. After all, how much homemade pasta, popcorn and espresso will you really need? Look for interesting candlesticks, lamp bases, posters, tapestries and bed lines on your trip to the thrift store.

2) Cookbooks
Unlike most popular fiction and non-fiction books, cookbooks rarely go out of style. At the thrift store, find the cookbook that looks well used. This indicates the cook used the recipes regularly, making the cookbook a great lesson from an experienced chef.

3) Artwork or at least funky frames for your art
Thrift stores are excellent places to find artwork for your home as long as it does not need to be famous or pricey. Antique, vintage or funky frames also come cheap at the thrift store although they may be surrounding a painting you have no intention of keeping. Look at the parts of things in thrift stores and not just the totality of the piece.

4) Higher-end clothing
If you decide to shop for clothes at the thrift store, try to find designer brands and clothes that have a good reputation for being well made. Read the labels, and check each item for tears, problems with the fasteners or stains. Sometimes you can find expensive items like real wool sweaters or blazers for a few dollars. Always wash your non-wool finds before wearing them. For woolens, put them in the clothes dryer with Dryel to freshen them.

5) Baby clothes and maternity clothes
Any clothing item that will be outgrown after a few washings should only be purchased at the thrift store. Save money by avoiding buying new designer children’s clothes and search the thrift store for similar items. Maternity clothes are available at thrift stores for far less than those at department stores are. Either get gently used maternity clothes from friends or find them at the thrift store.

6) Brand new items with tags still attached
One of the best things to find at a thrift store is an item with the manufacturer’s tag still attached or in unopened packaging. Businesses donate discontinued items to charity thrift stores to get tax deductions and large discount stores may give open-box items, display wares and discontinued styles for the same reason. Sometimes local stores go out of business and donate their unsold items to thrift stores, too. In each case, the buyer wins because they get to purchase a completely new, unused product for pennies on the dollar.

7) Unusual boots and shoes
How often have your purchased a pair of shoes or boots, only to find they are not comfortable to wear? Those shoes and boots that someone else did not want might be just the ones you have been seeking. Unusual boots and shoes in non-neutral colors or with interesting styles and details are a good buy at a thrift store. Make sure to try them on, wear them around the store to ensure they are sturdy, and feel good on your feet before you buy.

8) Accessories
One of the best and most reliable departments in the thrift store is the accessory aisle. Here you will find purses, bags, belts, hats, scarves, jewelry, ties and more for nearly nothing. Learn how to spot knock-off designer items and check each item to make sure zippers, clasps, buckles and fabric are in good condition. Examine fabric and leather goods for stains and tears, and try on belts and other fitted merchandise before making your final purchase.

With some advance research combined with careful shopping, anyone can save serious money on everyday items by shopping at thrift stores.


Beauty Tips for a New Year

January 10, 2015Health And Beauty


As the New Year is upon us we all have hope to better ourselves in several different aspects of our life, including the way that we look. Whether becoming a new beautiful you in 2015 include more time at the gym or taking a personal spa day once a month, take the time to pamper yourself. Here are some beauty tips that can help you feeling better, looking younger, and enjoying life.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and it is also the first filter of defense that you have against pollutants, free radicals, and airborne pathogens. Since you skin plays such a vital role in keeping you healthy you should do all you can to keep it performing at its best. The following tips will have your skin looking beautiful and ready to face all the junk that you come in contact with on a daily basis.

Drink Water: Not only is water great for you skin, but it is necessary for your body to perform at its peak. The majority of Americans are chronically dehWater Bottleydrated, choosing instead energy drinks, sodas, and less nutritious alternatives than H20. Your body is composed of between 50 and 65% water as an adult, meaning that you have to replenish that supply frequently throughout the day. Water helps your skin stay moisturized and allows it to sweat out the impurities that you encounter as you go about your day. The average adult should be drinking 64 ounces of water daily or 2 of the large cups at your local fast food joint. The other benefits of water for your body allows your kidneys and liver to flush out the toxins that you ingest, as well as boosting your metabolism and increasing endurance. Plus by switching from regular soda to water you will save yourself hundreds of calories a day.

Women ExerciseExercise at least 15 minutes a day: Exercise is good for your skin because it allows your skin to sweat out the impurities that get trapped inside your pores throughout the day. It also allows you to burn fat, reducing your risk of cellulite and creating firmer, tighter skin. If you had fitness goals for 2015 you can find incredible coupon codes for exercise equipment at Medical Supply Depot.

Protecting yourself from UV rays: One of the worst things that you can do to your skin in the long run is expose it to excess amounts of UV rays. Ultraviolet rays, naturally created by the sun, is what causes sunburns when you are outdoors unprotected for too long. Sunburns, especially severe ones not only damage your top layer of skin, the epidermis, but can cause damage to the dermis, increasing the risk of developing skin cancer later in life. UV rays also speeds up the aging process of your skin as it loses the ability to repair itself.

The best way to prevent U.V. damage to your skin is to keep your exposure to the sun to a minimum and stay inside when the sun is the most intense during the early afternoon hours. If you have to be outside make sure that you use sunscreen with at least SPF 15 to keep your skin safe. During winter, many people don’t realize that there is still a great risk for ultraviolet ray exposure because the snow reflects the light of the sun and the harmful rays. When you are going out in winter, since the majority of your body is covered in gear find a foundation and lip balm with UV protection like those available through our partner Avon. Find coupons for great products like these here: Avon. You can also find a great selection from multiple brands through our partner Cosme-de. Find great deals on products at by clicking here:

Your skin makes a large impact on keeping you healthy and beautiful. The skin acts as the blank canvas for your makeup, meaning if your canvas is damaged it will be hard to cover with paint. Take care of your canvas it with these tips and you can save yourself money on anti-wrinkle cream for many years to come. Kick off the your New Year beauty regiment off right, starting with your skin. When you make taking care of your skin a priority, you will be presenting your best face to the world.


After Christmas Shopping Deals and Coupons

December 24, 2014Holidays


After Christmas“It was the day after Christmas, and smart shoppers were stirring
Ready to collect deals, their minds were a-swirling.”

The last several years have seen after-Christmas sales challenging pre-holiday sales for retailing dollars. Some of the biggest discounts of the year sneak into stores and online shops just before year-end and online coupons and discount codes are available for most major retails. If Santa brought you cash or gift cards, after-Christmas sales are the ideal time to use them to get a lot of merchandise for your gifted dollar.

The best deals overall may be found in the apparel aisle. Retailers need to clear their shelves for incoming spring merchandise so they offer huge discounts and stackable coupons to entice consumers to spend holiday money. Many shoppers will find free shipping is frequently offered through online shopping discount codes, too.

Nearly 50% of all after-Christmas sales last year involved clothing and apparel. These sales included some of the best discounts for the years as well as some of the best stackable coupons for online and in-store shopping. Many retailers will take large discounts off their already-reduced pre-holiday prices, trying to lighten their inventory.

Even luxury and designer clothing retailers will have post-holiday sales. Calvin Klein, Betsey Johnson, Amazon and more have already begun preparing their after-Christmas ads. They do not usually offer stackable online coupons like the mainstream retailers do, but they offer site wide discounts with decent discounts.

Last year, for instance, Saks offered 70% off selected designer brands and Calvin Klein gave a 25% site wide discount. Of the retails already offering teasers to their 2014 after-Christmas shopping, Ann Taylor Loft promises 50% off your online or in-store purchase through January 2.

If you already know you will need something early this year, buy it right after Christmas if you can find it on sale. You may have to brave crowds returning gifts at local stores, so plan your after holiday shopping as carefully as you plan Black Friday shopping. Map the stores and even the aisles you need to visit, have your printed online coupon and discount codes and coordinate your shopping with a friend.

Toys, video games and electronics will also be big sellers after Christmas. Target will be offering discount codes and coupons on Lego and Star Wars products, according to behind the scenes buzz. They will also give shoppers free shipping on orders over $50 in their online store. Toys R Us will have buy-one-get-one at 50% off offers on many items including Kinect. Watch for price drops on TVs in January, the traditionally lowest-priced time of the year for electronics. Keep watch on the Internet for price drops on big-ticket items. Many stores have a 30-day price guarantee and will refund the difference in prices if the cost drops below what you paid.

Just like Black Friday sales, the after Christmas sales actually start before Christmas Eve. In some cases, they will begin as early as December 23. Amazon will probably start the rush this year just as they did last year. Remember, post-holiday shopping is just as good for deals and steals as after-Thanksgiving, so start collecting those coupon and discount codes before it is too late.


10 Easy Ways to Save Money This Christmas

December 18, 2014Holidays


Santa With BagsIf you ask most people what the worst part of Christmas is, they answer without hesitation: “The cost!”

It doesn’t have to be that way, however; rather than stressing yourself out and incurring a nasty debt hangover to take into the new year with you, cut the expense and keep the fun with these ten tips:

1. Set a firm price limit before you start Christmas shopping.

It’s easy to get carried way when you see a gift for someone that is just ten or twenty dollars over your budget, thinking, “Why not? It’s Christmas and they’ll love it…” The problem with this is that it’s easy to do it over and over again as you shop, adding up hundreds of extra dollars spent.

2. Suggest your family only give gifts to the children in the family from now on.

Most of the “toys” adults tend to really want or need are expensive: New iPads, smartphones, laptops, television sets, car parts, etc.—let’s face it, being an adult isn’t cheap. Most of these items tend to fall well beyond the range of what people can afford to buy at Christmas, so adults instead get smaller gifts for each other that they don’t really need, contributing to often already cluttered houses. This, obviously, is a wasted expense that adds up for everybody, so if you sit down and discuss the idea of not giving gifts to the adults in your family, you might find others are as relieved about the notion as you are.

Besides, Christmas is really about the joy of young Children—seeing their faces light up when they get new toys or visit Santa at the mall, seeing them watching Christmas specials—it’s the best part of the holidays.

3. Reuse decorations rather than buying new ones each year.

It can be tempting to try out a whole new decor scheme every year or two, but this quickly adds up cost-wise. Instead of doing this, store the decorations you have in the garage and reuse them year after year—not only will you save a lot of money, you’ll find they take on an added sentimental value as well.

4. Make decorations if you’re running low on them.

Decorations tend to wear out and break over time, leading you to have to replace some each year, adding to the expense of Christmas. Instead of doing this, why not make some of your own? There are tons of “do it yourself” Christmas decoration craft ideas online which are both easy to do and look beautiful. Plus, doing crafts with the family is a great way to spend time together and feel closer during the holidays.

Small Gifts5. Try making gifts yourself.

When it comes to gift-giving, they say it’s the thought that counts—and what’s more thoughtful than spending hours making a beautiful gift for someone you love? Draw on your talents to create something truly meaningful; if you’re good at art, why not paint people pictures? If your talent is music, why not compose pieces for your loved ones? Sewing, crafting, knitting, woodcarving—almost everyone has some tactile talent they can transform into beautiful gifts, saving money and adding a deeper meaning to Christmas in the process. Even home-baked goods make a great gift idea.

6. If you’re not a creative type yourself (or just too short on time to make things), try buying crafted gifts.

Local Christmas craft fairs and online craft retailers like Etsy often have beautiful handmade goods available for less than you’d pay for mass-produced items in stores, and offer the opportunity to support artists at Christmas.

7. Collect coupons and gift certificates.

This is one of the oldest saving tricks in the book—coupons can really add up to slash the cost of gift buying, and if you have received gift certificates throughout the year, why not save them to use on Christmas gifts as well? Check out Latest Christmas Coupons here.

Coupons8. Make the most of any rewards cards you have.

Many people collect reward points on various credit cards without even thinking about it, and forget they have them. Why not take stock of how many rewards points you have saved up on various cards, and cash them in this Christmas? Or use rewards cards to do your shopping, accruing enough points to use later on yourself.

9. Bake your own Christmas treats rather than buying them.

Making Christmas cookies, cakes, puddings, etc. at home will add up to a substantial amount of money saved versus buying them all at the store—plus, homemade food is almost always healthier.

10. Get on Ebay and sell anything you don’t need.

Chances are good you have things around the house you don’t need, just collecting dust in a closet. Why not sell them on Ebay prior to the holidays? Other people will snap them up while looking for inexpensive gifts, and you’ll make a lot of money to put toward your own shopping.


Five Holiday Items You Should Buy at a Thrift Store

December 14, 2014Holidays


Thrift ShoppingThe holidays are hard on bank accounts, and many people find themselves paying for holiday cheer for months after the New Year. One way to cut back on spending without cutting out decorating, gift-giving and feasting is to know where and how to find the deals. Thrift store shopping is one way to make the most out of limited funds if you know the deals and steals.

In addition, many thrift stores support local charities so spending money there helps people in need and causes you support. Reusing and upcycling consumer goods also helps keep things out of landfills. Some major charitable causes like Goodwill have online stores plus their local brick-and-mortar stores, so be sure to check both places to find the treasures you need this holiday season.

Items you definitely need to purchase at the thrift store include:

  1. Holiday decorations. You can find decorations for your holiday tree, home decorations, interior and exterior lights and more at incredibly reasonable prices at thrift stores and dollar stores. Unless you have the need to decorate a million-dollar show home, thrift store and bargain store shopping is the only way to go for holiday decorations.
  2. Holiday clothing. Some clothes are worn only once or twice a year, and holiday clothes fall into this category. When you need something extra dressy for a party or an “ugly holiday sweater” for a theme party, a thrift store is the place to start. Of course, check your purchase for stains and wear before you pay, but for something you will wear once a year there is no sense in paying hundreds when you can pay tens of dollars.
  3. Vintage-style gift items. If someone likes vintage purses or records, a thrift store is sure to have something to fill their stocking or fit under their tree. You may have to dig through bins and boxes, because thrift stores are not always well organized. Finding the gem hidden in the box of junk is worth the effort because you know you have found that one-of-a-kind present someone will never forget.
  4. Parts for do-it yourself gift creations. For crafters and DIY types, thrift stores are a dream come true. Here you can find empty vases, costume jewelry, baskets, artificial flowers, knitted items, basket-filler gifts, furniture to refinish, vintage fabrics and items that can be repurposed into unique gifts of every description imaginable. One beautiful idea is a simple but well-proportioned clear glass vase filled with costume jewelry all of a similar color. The overall effect of a clear vase filled with ivory necklaces is stunning. Grab one of the hundreds of donated baskets, fill it to the brim with fancy soaps and lotions and you have created a beautiful gift basket for someone special.
  5. Extra things you need to host holiday parties. With guests coming for meals and gatherings, most people will need extra flat wear, china, seats, linens, pillows, bath towels and bake ware and more. Take a spin through your local thrift shop and pick up several settings of plain white tableware or a simple pattern of silver ware, grab an extra stockpot or roasting pan, and for heaven’s sake grab some extra coffee cups! A thrift shop is the ideal spot to find these things and have them on hand when guests pop over for a visit.

Best Birthday Gifts for Mom

May 8, 2014Gifts


Mom BundleCelebrate your mom’s birthday with a special gift that will warm her heart without hurting your budget. With a little research and some savvy shopping techniques, there are many gifts to choose from which will be both affordable and appreciated. It should be easy to find unique gift ideas that will make her day just a little more special and with some valuable coupons, your day can be better as well.

Here are some birthday gift ideas that are sure to please.


Every woman loves to receive beautiful jewelry – even mom! When jewelry is given on an occasion as special as mom’s birthday, the gift is sure to become an instant success. While a ring is often the popular choice, other suitable jewelry gifts include necklaces with lockets and designer watches. Small Gold hoops or diamond stud earrings are also appropriate gift choices to celebrate mom’s special day.

A New Dress

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a beautiful new designer dress. New spring and summer fashions are the perfect gift for mom’s birthday. Choose a dress that features mom’s favorite color scheme, design or style and watch her eyes light up with glee. If the budget allows, it might be nice to select a lovely scarf to match.


Another classic choice that cannot fail is the gift of beauty or more specifically, flowers. You can order mom’s birthday flowers from any florist – even online! Choose flowers wrapped in tissue paper, in a bud vase or in a collectible planter or artistic vase and have mom’s birthday flowers delivered to her doorstep. Flower arrangements take the guesswork out of searching for mom’s birthday gift ideas.


If mom loves to read, one very good birthday gift idea is the tablet. These small, lightweight devices make reading on the go a cinch. Other features of these devices allow mom to surf the web, take amazing photographs, listen to music and play games. Purchase a screen protector, ear buds, tablet sleeve and a customized keyboard case as extra items to make mom’s special day even more amazing.   

Stationary and Gifts

Another classic choice that can be given alone, or with any of the above mentioned birthday ideas for mom, is stationary and gifts. The most common choice among stationary and gifts would be a birthday greeting card paired with a stuffed animal. Stuffed animals are wonderful because they last a very long time, possibly even forever if washed and stored correctly. Give a gift that speaks to her inner youth.

These are just a few of the many wonderful gift choices that one might consider when selecting a birthday present for mom. No matter which birthday gift you choose, she will be thrilled because you remembered her special day. The chosen gift item will be something mom will cherish for years to come so be sure to consider quality and durability when making your purchase and take advantage of our coupons or specials.


Women’s Hottest Fashion Accessories 2014

March 23, 2014Fashion


If you consider yourself to be quite the fashion accessory aficionado, you know how important it is to keep up with the year’s most trendy outfit extras – those glorious accessories that add the finishing touches to all well-planned ensembles. As 2014 is well underway and there are tons of new fashion accessory trends that every women should incorporate into her wardrobe to keep up her stylish appearance modern and suave.

As you’re planning your outfits and shopping trip, take into consideration these ground-breaking women’s fashion accessories for 2014.

Women Shopping

Fashion Watches: One of the biggest fashion trends for 2014 is fashion watches. Women are turning towards to watches to provide outfits with the perfect finishing touch. It used to be that women would only break out their watches when heading to work or other professional outings but that is no longer the case! More and more women are being seen sporting designer watches out dancing at the club, at bars with friend and during casual brunches. In this transition, expect to see bold colors and large faces on these trend-setting watches.

Oversized Clutches: Satchels are no longer the trendy way to carry your belongings because oversized clutches are taking over! When people think of clutches, they often think of a wallet that does not offer a lot of space. Today, oversized clutches are still compact but provide plenty of space for all of your essentials. Many fashion designers are incorporating oversized clutches made of brightly colored leather as well as various striped patterns. In addition to their stylish appeal, these hot fashion accessories are absolutely ideal for the fashion conscious women on the go who don’t want to be weighed down by a big bag.

Fringe Shoes: Boring ballet flats and silhouettes are out and fringe adorned shoes are here! During the Spring 2014 fashion week, many designers showcased an array of fringe embellished shoes and they were all unmistakeably unique as well as stunning. When a women walks in sporting a pair of fringe shoes, it adds a certain flair and grace to the way she walks which is why women are scrambling department stores to find these fabulous footwear fashionables. The fringe just screams fun!

Chunky Jewelry: There is no better way to top off your favorite outfit than with a marvelous piece of chunky jewelry. These opulent selections typically features brightly colored beads in rather large sizes that are most often arranged in floral patterns. Chunky jewelry works best with solid color garments so the different aspects of your outfit are not competing with one other which is a major fashion don’t no matter the year. The message this year is have fun with your jewelry. Make it bright and wear it right!

Cat Eye Sunglasses: Cat eye sunglasses are making a comeback and they are better than ever. These sunglasses used to be available in boring solid colors but now fashionistas can choose jewel embellishments and amazing neon colors. Their classic pointed shape give them brimming with vintage and retro appeal that everyone will love.

Pastel Scarves: Wrap yourself in gorgeous hues by choosing one of the most fabulous trends for 2014: pastel scarves! Scarves have been slowly making their presence known in the fashion world the past couple of years as they never went out of style. However, this year they demand to be noticed, draping lovely necks in tons of pretty pastel color combinations to bring about feelings reminiscent of a luscious, serene garden. Lately, scarves are mostly made of cotton and chiffon materials which make them light enough to be worn during the spring and summer seasons.

Braided Belts: Braided belts may be fairly simple but they have the power to make any outfit right on trend for the year. These belts come in basically every color that you can imagine and work well with any garment from dresses and skirts to trousers and shorts. Braided belts are super chic and are typically constructed with leather which makes them just as durable as they are stylish for fashion that lasts.

The accessories that you choose can either make or break your outfit. To ensure that you are always looking your best, be sure to incorporate these women’s fashion accessories for 2014 into your wardrobe and everyone will surely take notice of your impeccably trendy style.