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November 1, 2018Cannabis


Best Cannabis CBD Oil Coupon Codes 2019

If you are looking for an all-in-one resource for the best coupon codes in the cannabis and CBD oil industry, you have come to the right place.  We have gathered all the best coupons for you to have at your fingertips and we keep them up-to-date to make sure you are getting the best deals possible for your cannabis CBD oil. Here are the top discount codes:

Ask These Questions before You Buy CBD Oil Online

Cannabidiol or CBD is basically one of the multiple compounds that are found in the cannabis sativa, as well as, the industrial hemp plant. There have been several studies on CBD and it has been proven that it has several health benefits such as relief from inflammation and anxiety. CBD has also been recently approved by the FDA to be used in Epidiolex, which is an epilepsy drug. This also makes it the first cannabis compound that is recognized federally. In recent times, you will find CBD being used in facials, cocktails, creams, and juices. This helps users get the benefits of cannabis without being harmed by the harmful THC compound that makes you feel “high”.

Questions To Ask Before You Buy Any CBD Oil Online

CBD products are also sold in the unregulated market, which puts you in several risks. False claims, lack of oversight, and the potential of dangerous contaminants and pesticides can often harm your general health. Thus, it is very important for you to ask a few questions before you buy any CBD product online. Some of these questions have been discussed below.

  • Open about Any Third Party Test and Share the Results: If you are in doubt about the authenticity of any CBD product, you can definitely ask for several lab tests that may include third party and farm labs. They will list out the solvents, percentage of cannabinoids, and contaminants. In other words, if there is no transparency about any CBD product, it is definitely a suspect.
  • Origin of the CBD: It is very important for you to find out about the origin of the hemp point. There are basically two reasons for this. Firstly, if the CBD is not from the United States of America, it is definitely illegal, and secondly, if they are not sure about where the farms are, they may not know anything about it.
  • Is The CBD Organically Grown Or Locally: It is needless to say that CBD is an agricultural product. If you are concerned about whether your kale is organic or not, you should also be equally concerned about the CBD. The best way to tell if your CBD is organic or not is to check the lab results.
  • Full-Spectrum Or Not: The term full-spectrum basically refers to the use of the whole hemp plant as compared to using an isolate, which extracts the CBD from the actual plant. Most of the time when terms such as “all natural” and “pure” are used, it may mean that the isolates are not hemp but a synthesized compound made in the lab. In other words, opting for the whole plant is always a better choice.
  • Amount of CBD per Serving Listed on the Label: In some cases, you may find that hemp extract and hemp oil either contain very little or no CBD. It is very important for you to find out whether it is listed on the label about the quantity of CBD in each serving and the total quantity in the bottle.