Top 3 Clothing Subscriptions Programs To Save Money

September 24, 2015Clothing


Save Money On ClothingFor busy people, it can seem almost impossible to get out of the house or office and go clothes shopping. And, when it is time to buy new clothes, most of the time it’s just outfits that are hastily thrown together, with very little concern about whether they’re stylish or flattering. If this sounds like you, then a clothing subscription program might be the best way for you to get clothes you love, but might not have considered.

If you’re interested in trying out a clothing subscription program, the three listed below are considered the top in the industry. They have a vast assortment of sizes and styles that will fit you and your life perfectly.

1. Gwynnie Bee

There are lots of clothing subscriptions available online, but Gwynnie Bee has set itself apart by being one of the few that offers truly stylish plus sized clothes at an affordable price. For a flat monthly fee, you can subscribe and get unlimited exchanges. And, with over 150 brands to choose from, you’ll be exchanging quite a bit, which is fine, since the shipping is free.

One of the best parts about Gwynnie Bee is how easy their service is to use. Using a guest account, you can browse through all of their collections before you even make the decision to use the service. And once you’ve decided on a subscription plan, you’re only paying one flat fee. For a fraction of what it would cost to purchase the clothes, you can rent and return dozens of outfits.

2. Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix isn’t your typical clothing subscription program. While other programs specialize in certain styles or sizes, Stitch Fix covers everything. And, what sets it apart is that when you subscribe to Stitch Fix, you get your own personal stylist.

Once you’ve been assigned a personal stylist, they’ll pick out clothes that you both feel will work best for your lifestyle and your figure. While what you chose to order is completely up to you, having a second set of eyes and a professionals’ opinion might open you up to things you wouldn’t have tried by yourself. And, since this stylist is part of the subscription service, you’re getting this help and clothes for a very low monthly cost.

3. The Ms. Collection

At The Ms. Collection, the program is built around women who want to have a changing wardrobe, but don’t have the time to get out and do the shopping for themselves and don’t want to spend huge amounts of money. If you like to try new clothes every couple of weeks, but don’t have the budget to redo your wardrobe once a month, then The Ms. Collection will be perfect for you.

This service offers a rotating clothes rental system that will allow you to pick and choose from designers and styles that you love. And, since everything is available at a flat, monthly rate, you’ll be able to experience these fashions for as long as you want!


How To Save Cash On Designer Clothing

September 4, 2015Clothing


Designer Clothing SavingBuying the latest trends from the hottest brands is easy if you’re Paris Hilton or Megan Fox, but it’s a little tougher if you’re the average Jane. Paying thousands of dollars for one outfit simply isn’t for everyone; although we’d all like to unleash the fashionista inside while simultaneously unleashing our wallets, unless you’re one of the elite super-rich, your budget won’t allow it. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to save money so you can look your best on any budget.’s Alexis Webster, in her article “Save Money, Look Fab,” says one big tip to saving on fashion is what time of the season you shop in. Shopping for fall fashion during the actual season will only lead to sticker shock. If you want to get good deals on name brands without breaking the bank, shop during the next season for some serious savings (e.g. if you want designer boots for next fall, try shopping during the spring). Stores will most likely have large discounts, and a good pair of boots make a timeless addition to your wardrobe.

Where you shop also makes a big difference. Shopping at higher end stores hoping to get a deal is an exhausting and fruitless endeavor, and shopping thrift stores can lead to spending more than you originally bargained for. Shoppers tend to load up on a bunch of great deals, but getting more for your money doesn’t mean you’re spending less money. Discount outlets like Target or Kohl’s will have designer brands at lower prices; not only are you getting the same quality of clothing as in high-end stores, but you’re getting it at a fraction of the price. Scouting for deals online as well as offline is a big money-saver as well. Make sure to check out if there are any special online deals at your favorite stores, or you can use internet coupon sites like our very own, giving you the hottest deals at your fingertips.

One of the biggest money saving tips revolves around what kind of clothing you shop for. Although designers are always coming up with new fashions and creative modern pieces, a lot of what’s new is based on past fashions that are making a comeback. Australia’s PopSugar site points out that shopping for vintage clothing can save you a ton of money. By simply taking a look at what’s on the runways during a particular season, you can snag some handy throwbacks from your local vintage thrift shop. Don’t be afraid to visit used clothing shops; those at the tippy-top who’ve grown tired of their Valentino sweaters and have had the good sense to donate them are your saving grace. As long as you know what to look for, there are hidden treasures to be found. Just limit what you buy; as we’ve mentioned already, getting a bunch of great deals while still spending the same amount of money isn’t saving! By following these money-saving tips, you’ll be on the high road to becoming a cutting edge fashionista in no time.