2 Fashion Dresses for the Autumn

November 16, 2015Fashion


The top fashion runway shows in New York, LA, London, Milan, and Paris presented an array of exciting fall clothing for autumn 2015. Designers in all five cities created fall fashion choices that complemented each other. Fabrics were boldly patterned and colorful, with plenty of velvet and shine. Embellishment and embroidery were all in the details. A touch of gold was added for the evening.

2015 fashion runway looks are elegant, shiny, and colorful. You may love all the hot autumn looks but your pocketbook can’t take the expense of buying them all. You’ll want to choose one or two new looks that you can add to your fall wardrobe. New dresses are a versatile garment in your wardrobe. They can be dressed up or down, to make them suitable to wear to work, to a party, or just for hanging out with friends.

Autumn Fashion

Here are 2 new fashion dresses for the autumn that are simply a must for your wardrobe.

1. The Slip Dress. The slip dress has thin straps, a fitted bodice, and a long skirt reaching past the knees. Slip may be a misnomer though, as this dress will have a long zipper up the back. Not only is this dress easy to put on, but you can wear jackets, shawls, or bolero jackets with it, to change the look. Don’t expect to have no movement in the legs though—the slip dress has a full flowing skirt to offer easy movement. Look for sharp contrasting panels of color, and layers of skirts. You’ll want to add additional slip skirts underneath. Dress lengths fall mid-shin and add a touch of femininity to your day.

2. Eastern Influence Dress. Asian inspiration continues to influence fall dress looks. This season’s Eastern influence look comes from China, with cheongsan-style gowns. Expect bold bright colors, or sombre dark ones. Patterns are Eastern-influenced, with braid, embroidery, ribbon, and dragons, to dress up these long flowing gowns. Sleeves are long or short, but gowns drape down to the floor. Fabrics may be light and airy, or of heavier silks and satins. This style of dress isn’t meant to have a lot of jewelry worn with it, being the embellishments are the accessory, but you can still the basics.

The slip dress and eastern influence dress are both versatile, so that you can shop around for belts, jewelry, and scarves to make the look your own. You can switch out your accessories for evening, to create an elegant evening look. Check out these top two trends for autumn, and you’re sure to find two great autumn dresses for your wardrobe. You can view more ideas at this link .


How To Pick Out The Perfect Prom Dress

November 8, 2015Fashion


Prom Dress BlueProm season is a time of hair-pulling stress that sends most girls screaming out of stores in frustration; they wail about how all the dresses suck, how they can’t find one that fits, because “my goodness, I must be fat!” These girls are the ones who didn’t bother to plan their outfit ahead of time. They thought they could just go into the store and the prom fairy would show them to the perfect dress. It’s not that simple, honey! Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make dress shopping a more pleasant, non-hair-pulling trip.

Choose your theme. If the school has already figured out what the prom theme for this is, focus on matching your dress to that. You won’t find a sparkling rainbow gown goes well with the silent movie era theme (for the younger ones, this means it’s all in black and white). Even if the theme is colorful, don’t just throw a bunch of sparkles and prints together. You’re going to be a hot mess standing out amongst the cool kids.

Know your measurements. It doesn’t matter if you weighed yourself last week. Have someone help you measure chest, waist and hip widths. Don’t forget your height! Some stores aren’t going to have size 2, 4 and so on. And who knows? You might have gained or lost weight since you last checked. It’s always better to be sure of your measurements so you don’t have to struggle to squeeze into that size you thought you were.

Have a budget. You may want that big, beautiful ball gown in the store’s window, but its price tag says it’s out of your league. Don’t worry; there are plenty of cheaper prom dresses that look just as good. You can find several on eBay, which is definitely a reason to know your measurements so you won’t have to tailor your dress once it arrives. Depending on what time of the year you shop, you could see better discounts out of season.

Dress modestly. Getting attention from that boy you’ve been eyeing doesn’t mean wearing an overly revealing dress. Go with something that’s modest but classy; leave the short skirts to the high school Girls. When searching for a dress that fits this description, have a particular style in mind (ruffles? draped? ribbons?), but be open to other styles. You might find a pair of shoes you love that goes better with a different dress than you picked out. Keep all options open.

While it’s important to keep all these things in mind, at the end of the day, make sure you walk away with a dress that you love. You’ll only be wearing it for one day, and you’ll be paying big bucks for it, so make sure the memories you create in it are ones you want to keep. With that said, Happy Prom! Have a great night!


Hottest Fall Color Trends

October 18, 2015Fashion


Although the runways have been overflowing with models in cool weather fashions since early summer, it’s finally time to unleash 2015’s fall trends. What’s most evident in this season’s fashion market is that colors are getting more toned down, more somber. Fall, although brilliantly colored with its golden-red leaves, is an entirely different story when it comes to what is the fashion forward thing to wear. From Gucci to Valentino to Alexander McQueen, it’s time to leave the bright, eye-popping colors of summer and do an about-face to the demure hues of autumn. Three colors emerged on top: gray, black and brown.

Fall Color Trends Yellow

The biggest hit this season will be gray. Although there are an indistinguishable amount of shades out there, the focus this fall will be on cooler shades with monochromatic elements, meaning that each gray will have a hint of a particular color in them. What’s great about this color is that you can match it with just about anything; its versatility means that you won’t have to worry about your outfit clashing, no matter what you wear with it. One particular item that’s been prevalent on the runways is the fashion cape, which looks absolutely stunning in gray. Kohl’s has several styles to choose from for this fall. If you want to jazz your gray outfit up a bit, choose metallic grays that will show off a little sparkle.

Black came in a close second, but it’s never been out of style. Black has always been the chic fashion choice all stylists turn to when other color choices grow dull. Whether it’s a Gucci handbag with silver buckles added for flare or a rehashed version of the little black dress, dark colors have always done well over the fall and winter months. This year’s choices have a big focus on leather and lace pieces. InStyle’s fall style guide picks up on this with their selection that includes a stunning black lace skirt from Dolce & Gabbana, as well as stiletto-heeled leather ankle boots from Rupert Sanderson. There’s no shortage of outfits that proudly display this classic color choice.

Last, but certainly not least, are the earthy brown tones that have paraded the catwalks of this year’s fashion shows. From darker chocolate shades to tepid taupe and sand hues, brown has always been a popular color for autumn. This year, it’s all about cognac. This rich brown shade has all the subtlety and sophistication of the drink it’s named after, but watch out: you might get so intoxicated by this color that you’ll never wear anything else. To avoid repeating yourself too much, pair it with colors that transition well into other outfits of different shades and hues. Rosy shades of pink and muted yellows go well with cognac and match up well with both gray and black, so you’re covered.

Other honorable mentions for fall include deep greens, mauve pinks and light orchid, but these take a backseat to fall’s hottest color trends: gray, black and brown. These three hues will keep your fall/winter wardrobe fresh and chic, so don’t hesitate to load up on a few tasty outfits and matching shoes.


Hottest Nail Colors For Fall

September 7, 2015Fashion


Not sure what to do with all those bottles of brightly colored nail polish left over from summer? Trying to figure out what trends to follow for fall when it comes to your manicure? With so many options to choose from, it’s hard to decide what salon treatments are right for your nails during the autumn season. You don’t have to worry; we’ve got you covered. We’ve singled out the best nail trends that will get you through the Fall/Winter season, and the best part is that you don’t have to buy a ton of new nail polish. According to fashion magazine Glamour, a few of the key summer colors are recyclable for Fall, but they’ve been given a fresh appeal.

Nail Colors Trends

To really make an eye-catching statement this Fall, white nail polish is a definite must. This glowing shade is wearable all year long, but fall fashion lovers will find that this year’s biggest summer nail trend is getting a makeover. For the best shade of white, choose an opaque shade to get the most bang for your buck. Loxa Beauty offers several brighter shades of white, but the best by far is Non-Stop White from OPI. The high-powered sheen from this shade is perfect for French tips or an all-over bold color coat.

If darker colors are more your style, you’re in luck. Deeper shades of red and blue are going to be a big hit this season, so bust out your best top coat and apply a few layers of this year’s hottest shades. Coming out on top are wine shades of red and solid navy blues, each with their own unique advantages. Wine adds a demure touch that borders on seductive, while navy blue makes a bold statement without being too “in your face.” Longer nails benefits the most from these colors, so start growing yours out if you want to totally rock these shades this autumn.

Even more versatile than white are the sheer nude colors that have popped up everywhere. Nude goes with everything, and we mean everything. No matter how light or dark your nails are naturally, there’s a nude shade out there for you. Lighter nails are best suited to nude shades with a slightly sheer tone, especially if it has a pink tint to it like Essie’s Wrap Me Up nail polish in blush nude found at Walmart. For those with darker nails that want to achieve the same effect, using a sheer tone of pink over a darker nude like caramel or taupe will create a warm, sultry color that shies away from being overbearing. Adding a gold top coat seals the deal for a fabulous finishing touch, but bare nudes make an equally pleasing impact.

Now that you know the hottest nail colors for fall, it’s time to get that manicure you’ve been dreaming about. Just follow these guidelines to create a fall look that’s sure to be remembered!


Women’s Hottest Fashion Accessories 2014

March 23, 2014Fashion


If you consider yourself to be quite the fashion accessory aficionado, you know how important it is to keep up with the year’s most trendy outfit extras – those glorious accessories that add the finishing touches to all well-planned ensembles. As 2014 is well underway and there are tons of new fashion accessory trends that every women should incorporate into her wardrobe to keep up her stylish appearance modern and suave.

As you’re planning your outfits and shopping trip, take into consideration these ground-breaking women’s fashion accessories for 2014.

Women Shopping

Fashion Watches: One of the biggest fashion trends for 2014 is fashion watches. Women are turning towards to watches to provide outfits with the perfect finishing touch. It used to be that women would only break out their watches when heading to work or other professional outings but that is no longer the case! More and more women are being seen sporting designer watches out dancing at the club, at bars with friend and during casual brunches. In this transition, expect to see bold colors and large faces on these trend-setting watches.

Oversized Clutches: Satchels are no longer the trendy way to carry your belongings because oversized clutches are taking over! When people think of clutches, they often think of a wallet that does not offer a lot of space. Today, oversized clutches are still compact but provide plenty of space for all of your essentials. Many fashion designers are incorporating oversized clutches made of brightly colored leather as well as various striped patterns. In addition to their stylish appeal, these hot fashion accessories are absolutely ideal for the fashion conscious women on the go who don’t want to be weighed down by a big bag.

Fringe Shoes: Boring ballet flats and silhouettes are out and fringe adorned shoes are here! During the Spring 2014 fashion week, many designers showcased an array of fringe embellished shoes and they were all unmistakeably unique as well as stunning. When a women walks in sporting a pair of fringe shoes, it adds a certain flair and grace to the way she walks which is why women are scrambling department stores to find these fabulous footwear fashionables. The fringe just screams fun!

Chunky Jewelry: There is no better way to top off your favorite outfit than with a marvelous piece of chunky jewelry. These opulent selections typically features brightly colored beads in rather large sizes that are most often arranged in floral patterns. Chunky jewelry works best with solid color garments so the different aspects of your outfit are not competing with one other which is a major fashion don’t no matter the year. The message this year is have fun with your jewelry. Make it bright and wear it right!

Cat Eye Sunglasses: Cat eye sunglasses are making a comeback and they are better than ever. These sunglasses used to be available in boring solid colors but now fashionistas can choose jewel embellishments and amazing neon colors. Their classic pointed shape give them brimming with vintage and retro appeal that everyone will love.

Pastel Scarves: Wrap yourself in gorgeous hues by choosing one of the most fabulous trends for 2014: pastel scarves! Scarves have been slowly making their presence known in the fashion world the past couple of years as they never went out of style. However, this year they demand to be noticed, draping lovely necks in tons of pretty pastel color combinations to bring about feelings reminiscent of a luscious, serene garden. Lately, scarves are mostly made of cotton and chiffon materials which make them light enough to be worn during the spring and summer seasons.

Braided Belts: Braided belts may be fairly simple but they have the power to make any outfit right on trend for the year. These belts come in basically every color that you can imagine and work well with any garment from dresses and skirts to trousers and shorts. Braided belts are super chic and are typically constructed with leather which makes them just as durable as they are stylish for fashion that lasts.

The accessories that you choose can either make or break your outfit. To ensure that you are always looking your best, be sure to incorporate these women’s fashion accessories for 2014 into your wardrobe and everyone will surely take notice of your impeccably trendy style.


The Latest in Men’s Summer Fashion

March 15, 2014Fashion


Fashion savvy guys from all over the globe take several cues from current European Fashion shows. The latest round of style delivery brought two major trends to men’s fashion: the double breasted suit or sport coats and all shoes from dress to casual being worn without socks. However, if the pants are short, men are opting to wear socks that are in bright contrast to dark color suits.

Men’s Suits & Sports Coats

Suits and sport coats arrive on the scene in every plaid patterned style you can imagine, from traditional box plaids to intricate four by four strands. These strand colors are often mixed, with one of the four strands being bolder. The tone on tone or color on background plaids are generally large squares with big solid patches between the crosses. All dress jackets are showing fairly traditional collars with the newest detailing coming in at the pocket. Also making a splash are introductions to a second pockets on the right and even open patch pockets. Find Some good Men’s suits at JCPenney and find current offers here for discount.

Fashionable Men’s Buttons

Jacket buttons are being used more as an accessory than a functional piece, adding a pop of colorto garments with the button top matched to a bright rim of color running round the sides. Sleeves are showing a heavy preference for five buttons and these are often multi-colored. As well as plaid in a variety of seasonal textures, what really stands out this season is the variety of colors offered by designers. Summer suits appear in bright basic primary colors, with a few pale blues and grays thrown in for good measure. Even the classic blue and white seersucker can be seen on the fashion runways this spring and summer.

Men’s Slacks

Casual Pant

Slacks, as stand-alones or with suits, are definitely showing shorter and deeper hemlines. Legs are significantly more tapered than last year. Casual slacks and traditional denims are being worn almost exclusively with brown belts. Pants are cut shorter and the hemlines run from a deep crisp hem to a ragged, floral print reversible roll. White cotton, duck and chino slacks appear to be a must have wardrobe staple for men for the summer season.

Men’s Dress Shirts’


Dress shirts are also riskier this year for some fashionable fun. It is not uncommon outside the fashion shows to see men wearing Henley necklines under a suit, while others are wearing traditionally feminine floral, batik, and atercolour t-shirts or dress shirts. There is also a big presence of t-shirts with religious icons and rather old-fashioned florals on the runway. More traditional dress shirts included a few mandarin collars and a lot of club or raquette rounded tips, reminiscent of the girl’s Peter Pan collar.

Men’s Designer Hats and Ties

Jacket accessories ran the gamut from leather to picnic table check patterned ties, to flat, puffed or wedge puffed pocket squares, with the flat clearly dominating. Boutonnières in a thick, embroidered or crocheted appliqué style are being seen on the lapels of many fashion conscious men.

Hats being seen on the spring and summer runways are almost exclusively straw fedoras with a simple dark band. Large watches continue to be the trend, often paired with rustic wrap around bracelets.

Men’s Fashion Footwear

The biggest change in footwear is that whether casual or dressy, the old-fashioned loafer with tassels and saddle shoes are back. Shoe soles have changed with everything from dress or casual shoes to classic tie up boots, showing chunkier more pliable soles. The updated military cut boots were paired with fall, heavier textured suits. Saddle shoes are either two-tone, or tone on tone hues, often sporting a bright neon athletic sole. Tip: OnlineShoes.com and Famous Footwear are the Famous Places to shop all types of Shoes.

Athletic shoes seem to be a playful combination of neon colors, classic Chuck Taylor high tops, and some intriguing geometric patterns. The new trend of shoes without socks is clearly appropriate in all cases. The best advice on shoes is to pay for good ones and if they can be polished, keep them looking fresh.

Men’s Best Fashions for Summer2014

Overall, the big changes for 2014 are in the tailoring of suits, the addition of pattern and bold colors, and the hemline and taper of the legs. Buttons, boutonnières, and the fantastically suave double breasted cut jackets, worn open or buttoned are making a big statement. Sock-less shoes rank next and some of the previously never worn floral patterns on shirts, jackets and jeans round out the big changes.

Bright, bright white, in tops or bottoms, with deep saturated color on the other half in vibrant contrast is really what you need for casual wear. All that’s left to do is see what fashion statements maketheir way across the Atlantic next!


Spring Fashion Tips For Women

April 5, 2013Fashion


Spring is here again! Like every year, it’s that time when women are in real need to update their wardrobes. It doesn’t mean that you buy any outfit. In fact, you should pamper yourself by buying the right outfits and make a trendy style statement. Women do go through a lot of confusion when shopping. What to buy? What not to buy? Is the outfit looking good on me? Am I looking fat? Similarly, there are various queries and often one requires somebody who can act as a fashion consultant for the moment. However, for your ease,

Here are some latest spring fashion tips that may help you choose the best attire.

  • This spring, stripes will be the king. Not just the black and white combination. These stripes can be colorful, wide or narrow, or blended with polka dots too.
  • Wallpaper prints will be seen a lot now. They are sweet and pretty and women will adore them. Buy them in colors like dusk blue, lemon, violet, poppy red etc.
  • Gone are the days when cut-outs used to appear only in daywear. This season, you may like to opt for them even during night parties. They are very much in and are found in knitwear too.
  • Classic shirt dresses will never fail to impress. They look casual yet chic. Team them up with a nice pair of wedges and tie up a scarf around the neck for the perfect look.

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Incoco-nail-stripsWhen it comes to women, it’s not just the outfit that counts. Good nail polishes are equally essential. Spring 2013 brings with it the trend of nude nail paints. Go for some pale nail polish colors this season. They have a special spring collection that contains 13 shades. Since 1988, Incoco has flourished by taking nail polishes out of the containers. Their nail polishes come in the form of strips containing base, color, top coats in just one strip. Never was painting nails so easy and flexible. Incoco recognized the need of women and thus came up with such flexible nail paints. Always check incoco offers before shopping online.