Using Coupons For Your Date – Is That Right?

February 20, 2015Relationship


Coupons Photoshould you use coupons and discounts on dates? That depends, say the experts. It depends on how far along in the dating process you are, and on whether you and your date agree on whether using a coupon is a good idea. Most dating pros agree that using a coupon, even a Groupon, is a bad idea on a first date regardless of whether you and your love connection agree on frugality. You can also save money by meeting a first date for Happy Hour, lunch or another less-expensive option.

On a first date, you want to do anything you can to make sure the other person realizes you are a great catch. You act better, you look better and you dine out at nicer restaurants even if it stretches your wallet a little thin. It is a good policy never to go out to a place you could not afford without a coupon or a discount code. This way, you can avoid other uncomfortable situations like having your credit card declined or having your date order something far too expensive for your bank account.

People who are dating do it all the time. In fact, it is a great way to do more with your sweetheart and even to try new places you might otherwise avoid. However, on the first date try for something casual and relaxing rather than worrying about how much money you will spend. Focus on the other person rather than on being frugal. The same rule applies to the second date. It is still too early in the relationship and you both need to focus on learning more about one another. Pay attention to whether you really like each other and get a sense of who the other person really is and what they like.

Dating CoupleIf you get to a third date, and you both feel really comfortable, you might be able to approach the other person and suggest that you got a great Groupon or online discount deal for someplace you have been wanting to try. Ask them if they want to join you, and see what happens. If they seem put off by the idea, suggest something non-coupon based as your date and go that direction instead. You have gained valuable information about how your date views using coupons and discount deals.

Finally, a lesser-known online coupon bargain is finding deals and discounts for online dating sites at some of the major coupon sites. The big dating sites like, eHarmony and others have been known to place coupons for discounts on subscriptions, free long weekends and percent-off subscriptions on the coupon sites. Some local speed dating sites also use the discount code sites to promote their services, so keep an eye out for these bargains.