Perfect Guide to Buy Women’s Handbags

March 15, 2016Shopping Tips


Purchasing the perfect women’s handbag is no easy task. Between the myriad of styles, colors, materials and designers, selecting just one can be impossible. Is it any wonder many women have several – or many- purses in their collections?

Smart shoppers know to look for sales and discounts at every turn, and handbags, purses, clutches, and carry-alls are no different. offers handbag shoppers discount codes, coupons and sales every day at dozens of stores that carry a variety of purses and other accessories. Deals range from big price cuts to special designer sales and free shipping.

Handbags Guide

Many online stores, such as, provide a one-stop destination for bargain hunters seeking more than just purses and handbags. Their collection of women’s accessories features designer names and all-authentic merchandise at up to 90% savings compared to retail prices. Add coupons and discounts found on, and the smart shopper can find bargains nearly beyond belief.

Every trending, stylish ladies’ handbag, purse or clutch is probably available on the Smartbargains site. Even the hottest luxury fashion trends from name brands like Cartier and Gucci may be had for pennies on the dollar.

Another popular shop for handbags and more is Beyond the Rack, a private shopping club offering designer brand name clothing and accessories at large discounts. Membership is free, but it may be limited to invitation-only status to ensure adequate stocks of merchandise are available.

Beyond the Rack has flash sales lasting only 48 hours, with occasional Friday to Monday sale events. At the end of each sale, that merchandise is once again unavailable to consumers. When an upcoming sale interests the member, they can find coupons for additional money off the final price at CouponCodeDay.

eBags has been in business longer than most other e-commerce retailers, first operating in 1999. They not only offer handbags and purses but all other manner of travel necessities such as roller suitcases, travel cases, and comfortable traveling clothing. To date, eBags claims to have sold over 22 million bags online, and they have an online catalog of over 55,000 bags for sale.

According to eBags, their goal is to make sure every bag has a place for everything you need on your travels. Many items come with RFID protectors, to guard against identity theft while on the go. With coupons and discounts from our site, this quickly becomes one of the best travel bargains on the internet. Many eBags products are among the highest rated in the industry and hold lifetime guarantees. eBags stocks over 550 brands from top designers and the right handbag style necessary for every occasion.


Wedding Shopping Tips For Everyone

March 4, 2016Shopping Tips


Weddings are expensive, but frugal couples can save money by purchasing many wedding supplies, from invitations to flowers, clothing and more online. Save even more by finding the best coupon and discount codes at our site and combining these with the already-huge savings at some of the best internet retailers.

Wedding Paper Divas offers one of the largest selections of wedding paper goods at amazing prices. Choose from save the date cards, invitations and envelope enclosures, custom stamps and embossers, address labels, reception table décor, thank you cards, personalized stationery and more at this wedding paper supplier. They have styles ranging from vintage to modern and more to cover every wedding style imaginable.

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Wedding Paper Divas also has in-house wedding experts to answer etiquette questions and offer personalized design advice. Nearly every design they sell can be customized, from paper type to typeface to color and more. Even bridal shower and bachelor party paper goods are available on the site, all with extra discounts and shipping freebies at  Their products can be shipped throughout the US and around the world, too.

A Chicago-area tradition since 1929, House of Brides moved online in 2001 to share their bridal expertise and wedding dress shopping experiences with more people. Since then, they have offered beautiful designer dresses for brides, flower girls, bridesmaids and members of wedding parties for 40 to 80 percent less than retail prices. They also offer bridal veils, headpieces, accessories and more. Their coupons and discount codes available on make the savings out of this world.

House of Brides features online “Dressing Rooms” which brides set up complete with music and videos. These are an excellent way to bring bridal parties together from around the world to experience wedding dress shopping. Over 50,000 items are available to shop, and the Dressing Room eliminates the stress of wedding shopping. Fully trained customer service teams stand ready to help seven days a week.

Wedding parties should order their dresses as far in advance as possible to ensure delivery on time. Special order bridal gowns can take up to 16 weeks for delivery direct from the designer. Some in-stock gowns may be available to ship in under seven days. Every item is new, unused and authentic merchandise direct from the designer. Find the best House of Brides discounts at before starting to shop for wedding dresses online.

No wedding is complete without flowers, and Bunches Direct is one of the leading suppliers of wholesale, event, bulk and wedding flowers in the United States. They offer fantastic bonus coupons and deals. They provide everything from wedding bouquets to corsages, boutonnieres, reception table centerpieces and flower girl petals.

If a shopper has a special request, the Bunches Direct consultants will work to create the ideal wedding flowers. The site also has an exclusive line of celebrity-inspired wedding flowers. Their flowers are already priced to meet every budget, and the discounts from our site make every dollar stretch farther. The Bunches Direct flowers come direct from the growers, ensuring every bloom is beautiful and fresh, hand-picked and packed to arrive in perfect condition.


Top 5 Sites Where You Can Shop Online

November 3, 2015Shopping Tips


Online shopping has never been as simple and accessible as it is today! The very obvious benefits of shopping online are all the time that you save, the gazillions of choices you are open to, and also, the most prominent one being the availability of amazing offers and coupons you can use to your benefit and purchase everything you wanted to, for a reasonable price. Also, online shopping websites allow you to make comparisons and pick the option that best fits your needs. For instance the product you are looking for may cost $10 on website A while it might be available for $8 on website B.

Having said that, there are countless shopping websites available today, the top 5 being:

Top 5 Online Shopping Sites

Walmart – Probably the most often heard of, Walmart is always on top of the lists of the top sites. With the tagline “Save money, live better”, there is not much that is left to say about it. Walmart brings to you amazing offers from time to time alongside their terrific selection of products. People who have to shop often (practically everyone) know that a good saving is the way to go and coupons make it worth the while. Additionally, the company has recently launched a new program that allows consumers the luxury of purchasing an item online and paying the bill in cash at a nearby Walmart location! This makes shopping all the more convenient.

Amazon – This one is known as one of the easiest ways to purchase items sold by companies or re-sold by consumers, thus offering you millions of things to choose from. And since many of the products are those sold by consumers themselves, you can get gently used books or previously purchased items for much less than you would pay for them retail! Moreover, Amazon is a much safer alternative when it comes to paying for your items. In case you are not willing to pay through your credit or debit card on the site, you can opt to using PayPal, which is a safer medium of making the payment.

Target – Target is one of the top online websites. You can find everything available on the website, ranging from clothes, shoes, accessories to stuff for the holidays! That too for a great discount if you’re lucky! And a cherry on the icing is that Target exclusively offers free home delivery to almost anywhere, provided that your order is over $75, and also allows free returns – even via post! Additionally, Target also offers you a wide selection of things to choose from.

Best Buy – As the name itself indicates, Best Buy is your best bet when shopping online. One of the perks of shopping on Best Buy is that you can order items online and ship them to a U.S. address or pick them up at a U.S. store. Also INTERNATIONAL CREDIT CARDS are accepted which makes paying for your items even more simple. So wherever you are, Best Buy is there for you.

NewEgg – NewEgg has a huge range of products to sell from computer hardware to apparel and services. This is one of the biggest tech re-seller with warehouses in various states. They have a very short delivery time and the shopping experience is one of a kind!


How to Save Money on Grocery Items

October 26, 2015Shopping Tips


Many of us are often caught off guard by how quickly the price of groceries can add up, leaving us staggering as we leave the checkout. Since groceries are necessity, we all could stand to save where we can on our groceries. Here are a few simple ways that you can save money on your groceries the next time that you hit the store.

Make a list around sales: You can make your grocery list centered around sales and stock up on the items that you use regularly then freeze or store them.

Use coupons: Manufacturers and stores regularly will give out coupons to encourage people to purchase different products. Most people do not claim the many coupons that are released into the public. While most coupons will only give you a small percentage off of the regular purchase price, this can add up to large savings in the long run. Look for different websites that show you different coupon deals that are available such as our site .

Get fruits and veggies from the farmer’s market: Farmer’s markets or auctions offers fruits and veggies in bulk at a relatively low price per unit. This also helps your local economy and you are more likely to be purchasing fresher produce than what is available in the grocery store, allowing it to last longer.

Purchase your meat wholesale: If you are able to purchase your meat directly from a farmer, you can pick out cows and pigs that you wish to have butchered and then pay a butcher to produce the different cuts that you want. This can save you a significant amount of money per pound as you are not having to pay the third party costs that must be covered by a store.

Sign up for the rewards program: Many grocery stores offer reward programs to their customers, which often leads to discounts or even cash back. This is a way that you can stretch your dollar farther, by using the points earned to get items that rarely go on sale such as deli meats, dairy products, and produce.

Buy the generic brand: Many people have an aversion to buying generic brand items, but many of these items are actually on par with the name brand items. If your taste buds can’t stomach generic brands, purchase it for items that you don’t eat such as paper products, cleansers, and hygiene products. Going for the generic brand will help you to save large amounts of money in the long run with you often saving 50 cents or more over the name brand product.

Buy in bulk: You can save large amounts of money when you buy items in bulk from a store or club. This is best used for prepackaged snacks, frozen foods, hygiene products, and paper products, and any other items that you plan to use regularly.

There are many different ways that you can save money on the grocery items that you need. With a little effort by looking for the best sales and the coupons that you need. By preplanning your grocery trips you can shave off some money from the groceries that you have to buy each month.


4 Reasons Why You Should Wait for Back to School Shopping

October 3, 2015Shopping Tips


Back to school shopping can get quite expensive, especially if you have more than one child or a child starting higher education. And now days, back to school shopping doesn’t just include new clothes and a few supplies, it can also mean purchasing new and expensive electronics. While back to school shopping is inevitable, there are a few tricks you can use to save money, one of which is waiting a little bit before doing your back to school shopping.

Below are four reasons why you should wait for back to school shopping.

Back To School With Watch

  1. School Supply Prices Don’t Change Much

One excuse for shopping right before school starts is that there are lots of sales on school supplies. And while it’s true you can sometimes find great deals on backpacks and lunchboxes right before school starts, most other supplies will stay the same price throughout the year. If you still have supplies at home that can last your child a few weeks at school, don’t feel pressured to buy everything at once. Instead, replace things as your child runs out. You won’t be paying more and you’ll save money by not purchasing things your child doesn’t actually use.

  1. Electronic Prices Drop Closer to the Holidays

It might be tempting to buy your new high school or college student a brand new computer or phone just before school starts, but if you wait a few weeks, you’ll save quite a bit of money. As the holidays get closer, stores will start putting old stock on sale so they can clear out their inventory. This means you can get huge discounts on the same products you might have bought at full price a month earlier.

  1. Clothes Go On Sale as the Seasons Change

There might be a few things you have to buy for your growing child before sending them back to school. However, whenever possible, hold off on buying any new clothes until fall gets into full swing. Starting in October, prices for back to school clothes fall drastically. As summer and fall clothes get moved out to make space for winter gear, you’ll find all sorts of deals. If possible, you can even purchase clothes for the next school year, too.

  1. You’ll Avoid the Crowds

This might not seem like a huge reason to wait for back to school shopping, but you’ll definitely feel a difference in your mood if you wait a little while. When school’s about to start, people flock to stores, filling them with anxious and stressed parents and their excited children. Walking in to a situation like that can cause you stress and anxiety. This need to get away from the crowds will also have you rushing through your shopping, which means you won’t be making the best decisions. However, if you wait until things have died down a little, you can go shopping and almost have the stores to yourself. You can take your time making decisions, which will result in more savings.


Back to School Shopping Tips for Saving Money

September 16, 2015Shopping Tips


It seems that everyone these days is trying to find ways to save money. From DIY projects at home to couponing, any way you can save a few dollars is a good thing. And this is equally as true when you’re doing your back to school shopping. According to the National Retail Federation, parents for children in elementary, middle, and high school are planning to spend at least $97 per child on backpacks and notebooks alone! With back to school costs on the rise, it’s even more important to save money where ever possible.

Red Back To School

Here are a few tips on ways you can save money on your back to school shopping.

Wait for the List

If you have a child in school, you probably already know that THE list is what schools give out every year for things you’re required to send to school with your child. Don’t impulse buy. Instead, wait until you have this list to do your shopping. This way, you’re not buying any extras, which will save you money.

Search Online First

While school supplies right now are pretty cheap in stores, there are even bigger deals available online. Buying online won’t only save you money, but you won’t have to stress out about dealing with all the crowds or worry about not finding what you need. Target is a favorite for back to school shopping and with the right coupon, you can get free shipping!

Clear Out the Closet

Before you go to buy new clothes for your child, make a thorough inventory of the clothes they already have that can still be worn. Sure, it’s not as exciting as new clothes, but if they’re still in good shape and fit well, wait to replace the clothes. Once you’ve gotten rid of all the clothes that can no longer be worn, make a list of clothes that are needed and stick with that list.

Buy Clothes Online

If you know what sizes your child is, then looking online might save you more money than shopping at retail locations. Not only will you be able to find the same clothes and styles, but there are several more coupons and deals available online. One great place to get deals right now is Children’s Place, which is having a huge sale on jeans.

Save on College Costs

Sending a child off to college isn’t just heartbreaking, it’s also extremely expensive. But, you do want your teenager to have the best supplies before starting his or her higher education, so it’s important you find the right things at the right prices. The cost of electronics can be minimized by careful research. And, for those heading to dorms, bedding and decorations can also be bought at extreme discounts.

It can be a bit disheartening to think about the cost of buying back to school supplies. But, if you do a little bit of research and start with a solid plan of action, you’ll be able to get everything you need and save money.