Laptop Buying Guide For A Beginner

April 8, 2016Electronics


Our society has become one that is constantly connected to technology, with most people carrying around some device with them that can connect to the Internet. For those that need a strong amount of processing power wherever they go, such as students, laptops are the best choice in a mobile device. How do you select the best laptop for you? It all depends on your specific needs; like what you plan on using the laptop for as well as the type of programs that you plan to be running on it. For example, a gamer will need more power in a laptop than someone who will use the laptop primarily for writing.  Websites like offers full in depth reviews for laptops and smartphones, You can also take help from these types of sites. Here are some things that you will need to consider when you are buying a laptop.

Laptop Buyer Guide

Size: The size of the laptop is something to consider when you are deciding on what laptop model to buy. If you are someone who walks or uses public transportation, you will probably want a small, lightweight model. For those that plan on using their laptop primarily for surfing the Internet and writing, you may want to get a very lightweight and portable netbook.

Screen quality: You will want to make sure that you will get a laptop with top of the line screen quality, especially if you use it for watching videos or gaming. You may want to make sure that you will stay away from the touchscreen models, because those screens tend to have a glossy finish which will create a glare, which can negatively impact your viewing and gaming experience.

RAM: RAM controls all the amount of applications that you can have running at one time. The RAM also impacts the speed of your computer and how fast that they run. This is a large contributing factor for people who enjoy online gaming.

Storage: For those that use many different applications and save a large amount of data, storage is an important factor to consider. If you want to have a light laptop but one with for the best storage capability you may want to choose a laptop with solid state drive rather than a hard drive.

CPU: A CPU, otherwise known as a core processor unit, is vital to your laptop performance. The most common core processor is made by Intel and comes in models Core i3 to Core i7. A Core i5 processor is what most computers are equipped with while you may want to get a Core i7 if you are planning on using your computer for complicated processes.

There are many different factors that you will want to consider when you are searching for a laptop. We have highlighted the five most important factors to consider in order to make your buying experience a little easier. If you are looking for a laptop you can find some great deals on used laptops at NewEgg or purchase a new one at Best Buy. Consider what is most important to you when you are buying your laptop as well as the different processes that you will be using the laptop for before making your buying decision.


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