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Ample Meal Coupon Code 2018

When it comes to health supplements, you will come across several brands on the market. Although all of them claim to be the best, the truth is much different than the claims. Health foods are important if you wish to get back in shape and include proper nutrition in your daily diet. However, there are several companies that fail to live up to the expectations of their customers. Thankfully, Ample Meal is nothing like the others. They have an array of healthy meal replacement drinks for their customers and the quality of their products are much better than their competitors.  Not to mention the exclusive 15% OFF Ample Coupon Code is great too.


Ample Meal The Company

Connor, the CEO, as well as, the founder of Ample Meal is a complete nutrition and biology nerd. His passion lies in optimizing the human health in general. His career data tells you a lot about his past. Even before he came up with the idea of starting Ample Meal, Connor had started a CrossFit Gym and also used to sell medical devices for J&J. however, he had also started a physical therapy startup, which, unfortunately, failed after a few days. At Ample Meal, the experts believe that the entire food industry requires a big scale leveling up. They also believe that health foods should ideally reflect proper science and regular improvement is vital in order to achieve optimal nutrition for all. Ample Meal also believes that regular education and transparency is critical to earn the trust of their customers.

Ample Meal Product Offerings

Ample Meal has several health food products for their customers. Three of their popular brands have been discussed below for your knowledge.

  1. Ample Original Formula: This product is basically a balanced meal that is ideally suited for omnivores. It is a perfect combination of fiber, fats, organic greens, along with probiotics that is important for comprehensive nourishment. Ample does not come with any artificial sweeteners, soy, gluten or GMOs. This product will taste mildly sweet and is basically creamy and frothy. It also has hints of cinnamon and vanilla.
  2. Ample V: This product from Ample is basically a plant-based meal and is made with real food ingredients. Ample V also comes with complete protein, healthy fats, probiotics, organic greens, and fiber. This product is lactose-free and complete vegan and does not contain any artificial sweeteners, soy, carbs, GMOs, and gluten. Ample V is available in a powder form and all you need to do is take out a portion of the powder and add milk or cold water to mix.
  3. Ample K: This product by Ample is basically a ketogenic full drinkable meal that is made with real food ingredients. Ample K is also packed with complete protein, probiotics, healthy fats, fiber, as well as, organic greens. It is free of GMOs, carbs, gluten, soy, and artificial sweeteners. It is also available in powder form and simply add cold water or milk to it in order to mix. Ample K will give you a milky smooth feel and has a hint of vanilla and cinnamon.



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Take 15% off storewide at Ample Meal with this exclusive Coupon Code. Ample offers up a lineup of three (3) natural meal replacement drink shakes.  One signature blend and two others specifically d... more ››

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