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Bota Hemp CBD Coupon Code 2018

Bota Hemp is a leading producer of CBD products based in the USA. It deals in a range of hemp products that contain cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is s compound that releases a number of effects to the body of the consumer. The products manufactured by Bota Hemp are of high-quality standards and safe for human and animal consumption. Organic production practices are observed in the production of hemp plants from which hemp oil is obtained. The firm has total control over the source of hemp for its production activities. The hemp is grown in Colorado and it does not contain any genetically modified organism. Bota Hemp has taken all the necessary measures to ensure all products are products and healthy to the user. In addition, all products are screened and tested in the laboratory for purity and potency.  

Products of CBD hemp oil

CBD oil comes in different forms not just as oil but there are different varieties and methods that differ on prices and potencies.

  • Premium CBD Oil

Premium CBD Oil is a natural health product manufactured using extracts of organic hemp plant. It is rich in CBD oil extracted from hemp and MCT coconut oil. For good health and general wellness of the body, Premium CBD Oil is an excellent choice. It can be consumed in various ways. You can mix it with your food, smoothie, salads, or even your favorite drink

In addition, the product does not require any medical prescription. You can simply buy it across the counter in any online store or outlet near you.

The product is packed in varying quantities. These include;

  • 250mg package
  • 500mg package
  • 1000mg package
  • CBD Tincture Full Spectrum

CBD Tincture Full Spectrum is yet another CBD oil product manufactured using MCT coconut oil extracts and CBD oil extracted from the stems and mature stalks of hemp. The tinctures are consumed orally or sublingually. You can mix them with your smoothies and juices

The product is packed in varying sizes and concentrations. The quantities include;

  • 250mg/15ml package
  • 500mg/15ml package
  • 1000mg/15ml package
  • 1500mg/30ml package

The tinctures are manufactured using cannabis sativa which is legally accepted in the 50 states of USA.

  • Bota CBD Capsules

Bota CBD Capsules manufactured using MCT coconut oil extracts and CBD oil extracted from organically produced hemp. Each 250mg package contains 30 capsules.  Each capsule contains 25mg of CBD.

  • Pure Relief Topical CBD Salve  500mg

Pure Relief Topical CBD Salve is a unique skin care product manufactured from hemp plant extracts. The product does not contain THC and therefore does not produce a high feeling. The salve is applied externally on the skin. From the skin it penetrates to the body to yield soothing and relaxing effects. Hemp plants used to manufacture the salve is pure and tested in the laboratory for phyto-toxins.  

  • Pure Radiance Topical CBD Face Cream

Pure Radiance Topical CBD Face Cream is applied on the skin from where absorption to the body cells take place. Its’ main ingredients are hemp oil, grapefruit seed, aloe, lavender, glycerin, tea tree, and Helichrysum. The formula rejuvenates your skin and gives the radiance of healthy youthful skin.



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