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CBDistillery CBD Coupon Codes

The CBDistillery CBD Coupon Code 2018

Who they Are

CBDistillery is a reputable and one of the leading producers and suppliers of CBD oil and Hemp products in USA. The has devoted its time in producing exceptionally high quality products with the intention of improving livelihoods and the general well being of people. The founders of CBDistillery CBD are natives of Colorado who have a common ambition of educating people on the benefits of CBD oil and its products, researching on how to utilize CBD best and manufacturing top quality CBD oil and hemp products.   Over the years, CBDistillery has built a good reputation of supplying high end products to all states of USA.

It is worth noting that all products manufactured by the company are acceptable by the laws in all the 50 states of USA. Raw materials are obtained from industrial hemp plants grown in Colorado . Its production is strictly monitored to ensure it does not contain GMOs and also to ensure no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and other additives are applied on the industrial hemp.

What They Offer

CBDistillery manufactures and supplies a wide range of products.CBD and hemp products can be used in different forms such as capsules, tinctures, salve, creams etc. The different products include:

  • Natural CBD Full Spectrum Tinctures

CBDistillery tinctures are available in different quantities. These include;

  • 250mg/15ml full spectrum tincture
  • 500mg/15ml full spectrum tincture
  • 100mg/15ml full spectrum tincture
  • 2500mg/30ml full spectrum tincture
  • Natural CBD capsules

The capsules provide one of the easiest ways of consuming CBD; you simply need to swallow the capsule and experience the amazing effects. These capsules are beneficial to the body. The contain cannabidiol an element that is proven to be an effective analgesic. It eases tension, clears stress and anxiety and it is also an anti-inflammatory. Upon consumption, Natural CBD capsules will give you a feeling of relaxation. It is however necessary to note that CBDistillery does not give a ‘high’ feeling because it does not contain THC, the compound responsible for ‘high’ in CBD products. Each 25mg package of CBD capsules contain 30 capsules.

  • Full Spectrum CBD Infused SoftGels

Each 30mg package contains 60 pieces of soft gels.  They are easy to consume and digest. All the user needs to do is swallow the soft get and start experience of CBD.

  • CBD Vape Cartridge

CBDistillery manufactures CBD Vape Cartridge that contains CBD isolate (200mg), GG4 terpenes and MCT coconut oil. The product does not contain any THC and therefore does not cause a feeling of ‘high’.

  • CBD Vape Pen-200mgGrandDaddy Purp

CBD Vape Pen-200mgGrandDaddy Purp is a CBD product that comes with sweet aromas of grapes and berries. The luxury product is packaged as a disposable vape pen rich in CBD.

Pet Products

CBD Pet Tincture

CBDistillery manufactures CBD health products specially designed for our pets. The 150mg pet tincture provides our pets with sufficient  levels of CBD which produce a calming and relaxing effect. Most importantly, it is a digestion aid that ensures that digestion of food takes place with ease.



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