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Green Roads World CBD Coupon Code 2018

Green Roads World CBD is a prominent manufacturing company based in the USA that deals in an array of CBD oils and CBD products. The company not only manufactures CBD hemp products but it’s also a leading distributor delivering products to different countries across the globe.

Products that Green Roads World Offers.

CBD Oils

CBD oils produced by Green Worlds World are of excellent quality standard. All CBD oils are extracted from Hemp plants grown organically in the United States.  The industrial hemp is taken through CO2 extraction procedure. The final product obtained is of high quality and is legally acceptable in the United States. In addition, these products are tested in the laboratory and proven to be free of THC.

CBD Oils are package in different dosages including;

100mg package

  • 250mg package
  • 350 mg package
  • 550mg package
  • 1000mg package
  • 1500mg package

CBD Edibles

Green Roads World supplies the market high end CBD products. Lovers of CBD edibles are spoilt for choice especially because of the wide variety  of edibles it offers. They include

  • CBD  gummy bears
  • Froggies (100mg & 200mg packages )
  • Sourz Froggies
  • Sleepy Z’s

CBD Syrups

CBD syrup  is a high end product released to the market to offer great health benefits. This is a perfect remedy for anyone suffering from insomnia.  CBD smooth syrups are special products that contain cannabidiol, melatonin and natural herbs. Melatonin is a hormone that induces sleep in human beings.

There are three different flavors of CBD syrups. These are;

  • CBD soothe Syrup-Grape
  • CBD soothe Syrup-Mango
  • CBD soothe Syrup-strawberry

CBD capsules

CBD capsules are a broad spectrum formulation of CBD oil that works well for starters or persons who  are beginning to use CBD oil. Each capsule contains 25mg of CBD oil. The CBD oil capsule is a formulation developed by the company’s highly experienced pharmacist. It does not contain THC and therefore it does not give a ‘high’ feeling.

CBD Pain Cream

CBD Oil for Pets

Green Roads World uses CBD oils extracted from hemp and Omega-3 Krill to manufacture CBD oil for pets.   The oils are useful in improving the overall health of our pets. Three different concentrations are available and these include; Extra strength, Pro-Strength and Regular Strength.

    • CBD concentrate
    • CBD concentrates come in several variants. These include;
    • CBD Crumble
    • CBD Shatter
    • CBD Shatter-Pineapple Express
    • CBD Shatter-Blueberry OG
    • CBD Shatter-ACDC
    • CBD Wax
    • Pure CBD Isolate.

CBD Terpenes

CBD Terpenes are products that contain a combination of terpenes and CBD oil, both extracted from hemp plant. Terpenes give the capsules the sweet flavor. Green Roads World offers a wide range of CBD terpene products. The products include;

  • CBD Terpenes Oil-Original Nectar
  • CBD Terpenes Oil-Pineapple Express
  • CBD Terpenes Oil- Blueberry OG
  • CBD Terpenes Oil- Tange OG

CBD daily doses

Getting the right dosage four your daily CBD consumption is very important. Green Roads World have gone an extra mile to provide consumers with premeasured dosages of CBD oil.

  • Daily Dose 350mg Formula
  • Daily Dose 1000mg Formula
  • Daily Dose 1500mg Formula
  • Daily Dose- Strawberry AK CBD Terps
  • Daily Dose Pineapple Express CBD Terps
  • Daily Dose Blueberry OG CBD Terps



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