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NuLeaf Naturals CBD Coupon Code 2018

Who They Are?

NuLeaf Naturals is a company involved in production and distribution of CBD products. It utilizes extracts of therapeutic hemp plants (cannabis sativa) to manufacture its products. The hemp plant used in the manufacturing process is legally accepted in the 50 states of USA. The plants are grown in Colorado, in farms that are licensed to grow hemp.

The cannabis sativa is produced organically without use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. This is to ensure that the oil extracted is free of chemicals and toxins hence safe for human consumption. Proper extraction processes are used to extract hemp oil from hemp plant.  CO2 extraction procedures are utilized. It is worth noting that heat and solvents are not used throughout the extraction process.CO2 extraction is used to ensure that the final product retains full spectrum CBD and other important elements such as terpenes, vitamins, essential oils, fatty acids (omega) as well as trace minerals such as Zinc . In order to achieve the desired healing from a CBD product, all the above mentioned elements must be present in the product

The Products They Offer.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil- High Grade Hemp Extract

Full spectrum CBD oil is rich in full spectrum CBD and terpenes. Each ml f the product contains 50mg ofCBD.  When this product is consumed in the correct dosage, it produces a relaxing and calming effect. Anyone suffering from fatigue, stress or anxiety should consume  this product for instant healing. It also relieves pain on joints, muscles and on the skin as well. One main advantage of full spectrum CBD oil is that it is natural and does not contain any chemical additives and plant toxins. Secondly, it is free of genetically modified foods and synthetics. Full Spectrum CBD is tested in the laboratory for presence of contaminants. It is proven to be pure and of high quality.

Full spectrum CBD oil is packaged in different quantities including;

  • 240mg  Full Spectrum CBD oil (50mg/ml)
  • 725 mg Full Spectrum CBD oil (50mg/ml)
  • 1450mg Full Spectrum CBD oil (50mg/ml)
  • 2425mg Full Spectrum CBD oil (50mg/ml)
  • 4850mg Full Spectrum CBD oil (50mg/ml)

Full Spectrum Pet CBD oil-High Grade Hemp Plant Extract

NuLeaf Naturals recognizes the important roles our pets play in our live. For that reason, the company value their well being by producing high quality Full Spectrum Pet CBD oil products for them. The company has manufactured a CBD oil product  that takes care of their health needs. Full Spectrum Pet CBD oil is an innovative health product designed for consumption by dogs and other animal pets. It offers a wide range of benefits to these animals. It is an effective pain killer. The CBD oil clears anxiety, boosts appetite and energy levels in the animals. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory effects. It is easy to administer the oil,  thanks to the oil dropper it comes with.


Over the years, NuLeaf Naturals has gained a good reputation of supplying the market with quality goods. Its products are made using legally accepted Cannabis sativa.  Therefore they are safe and good for use.



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